6 Disasters That Could Strike on Your Big Day and How to Avoid Them

Unless you're a very lucky person there's going to be something that goes wrong at your wedding. Maybe it's so small that you don't even notice it and that would be amazing, but then you have things at the other end of the scale which could put a dent in your day. You're a smart woman and I presume you know life isn't all laughing children and chocolate cakes. Nothing is perfect and why should your big day be any different? Once you accept that something could go wrong it's time to ensure it doesn't, or at least ensure the main things that could go wrong run smoothly.

First you need to know the main things that can go wrong. This will mean you can prepare yourself before it happens and you'll know what to do when it does. After you know what could go wrong it's important to know how you can stop it from happening. You're not allowed to wrap anyone/thing up in cotton wool before your big day, but you can increase the chances of everything being rosy. Look over some of these and start dealing with them now. When the big day does arrive the only thing you'll need to worry about is not making a fool of yourself after you've had one too many glasses of champagne.

The best man's speech

I'm sure you'll be the butt of some jokes when the best man does his speech, but there's jokes and then there is crossing the line. You can't let him cross the line or else you will be completely embarrassed in front of everyone. This isn't just to spare your blushes, because I'm sure you can understand how awkward everyone else will feel if the best man completely messes up. Get your husband-to-be tuned in and make sure he hears it before it goes live.

Your make-up malfunction

On your special day you want to look like a princess. You want to look the best you've ever looked in your life and a part of that is making sure your make-up is perfect. Every single set of eyes in the building is going to be focused in on you. You probably haven't experienced that before and it can be nerve-racking. You will feel much less anxious if you look great, so make sure you plan what make-up you'll be wearing well in advance.

Some great music

After everyone has watched you get married the most important thing is the music. You can have your reception in the best hotel in the world, but if nobody wants to get up and dance it's going to be boring. Long before the day arrives you need to make sure you have the prefect person for the job. Choose all your favorite songs you want played and give them to the DJ, then you can relax knowing he can take care of the rest.

Everyone needs to eat

You have two very delicate things that need to be dealt with here. The first one is choosing food that people will actually enjoy. I know it's your wedding, but you can't exactly invite people then choose some strange foreign dish you enjoy and nobody else will. You also need to have options for vegetarians and people of different religions. The second thing is picking the right catering company. Let's just say that being a great marketer doesn't mean being a great chef. Taste everything before your wedding to make sure it's edible.

Get the right photographer

There's a huge difference between some weekend snapper and a professional photographer. A wedding is one of those times where you cherish the photos for the rest of your life. You'll be absolutely kicking yourself if you hate them once it's all over.

It's not like you can get everyone to dress up and take all the photos again, so it has to be done right at the first time of asking. That means choosing a proper professional with a great portfolio.

A magical venue

The venue is important, but it doesn't necessarily include what it looks like. I'm sure you won't go out and choose somewhere that looks horrible. You're not that silly, but you have to watch for little things. You could choose a church that has a lot of construction going on around it. Or what about an outside wedding on a day when the weather is meant to be atrocious? Just make sure you know nothing is going to spoil your venue of choice until you say, "I do!"

Author Bio:

Scott Edwards is a blogger, public speaker and a wedding MC. Scott loves to spend his free time with his two dogs.

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