Bridal Accessories: How Much Is Too Much?

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It is likely you will be familiar with the bridal tradition of ‘something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new’. However, this is vague and can give way to a whole host of bridal faux pas.

I believe that your wedding should reflect you and your individuality; after all it is marking an extremely important occasion in your life, and accessories should be used to reflect this. This, in turn suggests that they can be as understated or bold as you’d like. One thing I would suggest however; is that you should keep the accessories to a few key pieces to avoid overkill.

Something Borrowed

This is the perfect way in which to incorporate a personal touch to your bridal ensemble! Borrow an accessory from someone that means a lot to you; perhaps your mother, sister or best friend. I can guarantee asking them will mean as much to them as wearing it will mean to you. It could be anything from that ear cuff you’ve always envied of your sisters; to your mother’s simple silver pendant.

Something Blue

This can be tricky; many weddings have a color scheme and if the color is not blue, you could risk clashing. If blue is used in the color scheme of your wedding, you could buy some heels in a stunning shade of indigo or cerulean to brighten up your outfit. A decorated hairpin would be another possibility. Alternatively; if you are looking for a more discrete blue accessory consider small sapphire earrings (imitations are allowed!). One word of advice; if you opt for a rather stand-out accessory, keep other additions minimal to avoid the effect being terribly tacky rather than a touch of class.

Something Old

Here, the possibilities range far and wide. A family heirloom, for example your great grandma’s bracelet, could be used. Another suggestion is to wear something your soon-to-be husband may have given you in the past, or an accessory you hold dear to you from your childhood.

Something New

Now, don’t panic that you will have to fork out for an expensive accessory in addition to the already hefty cost of a wedding! You don’t have to buy a thing.

The ‘something new’ will be the best accessory of them all; the ring placed on your left hand at the end of the ceremony.

Using this guide, you should be able to use accessories to enhance your outfit even further and you will undoubtedly look radiant. Just ensure that the accessories do not clash with each other. Designer glasses will frame your face beautifully, and you will feel like a million dollars floating down the aisle in some beautifully crafted shoes - as long as you can walk in them! As aforementioned; the most important thing is that your choice of accessories reflects you, and so it is ultimately your definition of what is considered ‘too much’ that counts.

What accessories did you wear to your wedding? What would you believe is ‘too much’?


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