Wedding Back-Up Plans

Planning a wedding can easily turn into daunting challenge which can sometimes seem impossible! With the average wedding planning time being a lengthy 9 – 12 months, it’s no wonder that not only the bride, but  the whole wedding party expects the day to run smoothly without fault or hiccups. I don’t doubt your meticulous planning, but sometimes things happen which are out of your control. Panic not; have a read through some of my helpful tips to sort out some wedding day disasters before they even happen!

Be Sure To Insure

Don’t take the risk of not insuring the most important and expensive day of your life! Whether it’s your pricey dress that gets damaged, your cake maker goes out of business or an illness means your big day has to be postponed, mishaps DO happen and it’s worth paying up now to ensure a worry-free day.

Don’t Trust the Weather

Bad weather at a wedding can feel like anything but good luck. There is no reason to get upset about the one thing you have no control over; plan ahead so you are prepared for the worst. Pack your wellingtons and umbrella for some quirky photo opportunities and make sure your photographer can produce fantastic photos in all types of conditions, including rain. If your wedding is outside, make sure there is somewhere covered to go in case of bad weather. Marquees and gazebos are ideal.

Look After Your Feet

Having uncomfortable footwear is a very unhappy situation to be in! If you are not confident and accustomed to wearing heels on a regular basis, your wedding might not be the best day to try them out so pick a heel you feel comfortable with. If you start to feel the burn, have some gel pads to hand to relieve the pressure on the balls of your feet and some gel strips for the back to prevent them rubbing. It may even be an idea to take an alternative pair with you to change into if need be.

Alternative Transport

Problems like traffic jams, diversions, drivers getting lost, hard to find houses and broken down cars might seem unlikely, but would cause a disaster if any where happen! Be sure to have alternative transport and driver on hand, give your driver precise directions to both your house and venues and to ask your driver if he knows any alternate routes of your journey in case of bad traffic.

Fittings and Trials

Fittings are so important to avoid any clothing mishaps on your big day. Make sure you and your bridesmaids have your shoes and underwear sorted before the final fitting so all last minute alterations can be fixed. All the grooms wear should be purchased/hired from the same company so the colors and fit can all be consistent.

Bridesmaid’s Duties

Your bridesmaids are there to help you along the way and to relieve some of the pressures off you. You are not alone! Include them in as much as possible – you’ll be surprised at how willing people are to help and how much easier your wedding experience can be. Delegate different tasks and jobs to your Bridesmaids so no aspect of your wedding is left out or overseen. Organization is key!

Be Snap Happy

You’ll only live this day once, so it’s important to have as many photographs as possible to treasure and remind you of the best day of your life. I’m sure your booked professional photographer will produce some fantastic snaps, but it’s no good to take chances. Politely ask as many as your guests as possible to bring their camera along and take as many shots as possible. Dotting disposable cameras around your venue is also a lovely idea. This way you’ll have an arsenal of pictures to choose the best from.

Author Bio:

Vicky is from, a local Midlands wedding directory. She writes the handmade section of the site as well as regularly contributing to the blog.

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