Choosing a Wedding Venue: Things to Consider

Like most brides, you’ve probably been dreaming of your perfect wedding day even before you had a ring on your finger. Maybe you’ve had a perfect location in mind for your wedding all along or perhaps that vision changed once you met you significant other. From traditional or contemporary to exotic or historical, each couple has a different preference for where they want their most important day to take place.

Besides the obvious factors like geographic location and pricing, there are still a lot of other things to think about. Be sure to take these important elements into consideration before you book what you think may be your dream venue.


While this element is probably the most obvious, it certainly isn’t one that should be overlooked. Though your wedding day is all about you, the comfort of your guests should be considered, too. Whether you are holding your ceremony at the same venue as your reception/dinner or a different one, it’s important that the total number of guests will fit comfortably in the space. The last thing you want for your wedding day is for your guests to feel squished, stuffy or uncomfortable—all factors that will detract from the ambiance you’re trying to create. Keep in mind that the numbers of attendees typically fluctuate at the last minute, so pushing your numbers to the maximum limit initially may not be the best idea.


When choosing a venue, it’s also important to keep the factor of convenience in mind. For example, if you’ve always wanted to get married in a church but are holding the reception or dinner elsewhere, don’t forget to consider the distance between the two and how your wedding guests will get from one place to another. Will transportation be provided? If they are expected to drive, is there enough parking available at both venues?

If convenience is important to you to keep your wedding day running smoothly, you may want to consider choosing a venue that will provide the best of both options for a ceremony and reception or dinner.

Additionally, brides who have always wanted an outdoor wedding venue should also consider a ‘Plan B’ in case of bad weather. Choosing a venue that offers the option of both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions may be the most convenient choice.


It’s also important to consider the smaller details of your venue that may make the biggest difference when it’s time for your event. Some questions to ask yourself may be:

  • What type of options does your venue have for the settings and background you want for your wedding photos?
  • Will the space require a lot of decorating to get the style you want, or does it already provide a lot of the elements you like?
  • Are there any restrictions for decor?
  • Does the venue require that you work with their contracted vendors or can you use your own?
  • Does the venue provide you with space and layout that will allow for the decorations, stages, dance floors, and floral accents you want for your wedding?
  • Does the venue have tables, chairs, sound equipment, etc. or will you need to arrange those rentals on your own?


While most venues that are created specifically for wedding and events already take these into account, some couples may choose a more unique location that require a little more thought and planning to ensure the comfort of you and your guests.

Bridal Suite/Changing Room – If your venue doesn’t already have a designated space for changing and downtime, you’ll want to make sure that one can be arranged. This is most important for couples planning their event in outdoor locations like parks, beaches, etc.

Restrooms – If holding your ceremony, reception or dinner at a more unique location, it’s important that restrooms are easily accessible, clean and presentable to give your guests the best experience at your event.

Guest Services – If holding your event at a traditional venue, you may also want to check if options like valet parking, coat checking, and especially wheelchair accessibility for any elderly family members in attendance.

If you’re planning your wedding without the assistance of a professional wedding planner, this list gives you a good place to start when considering which venue to book for your wedding. And in addition to everything mentioned here, what’s most important is that the venue you choose for your wedding is one that you love, and one that will help you create the best memories that will last a lifetime.


Author Bio:

Erika is a writer for Centurion Palace, a premier Houston wedding venue that specializes in both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

One Response to Choosing a Wedding Venue: Things to Consider

  • Karen says:

    Sarah, love this post. The venue is one of the fundamental pieces to the wedding. Besides transportation and the DRESS! Haha. All your points from Capacity to Amenities are crucial. This is a great blog post for those new brides and grooms looking for the right details to aid them in the process. I am going to send over some traffic to your site and new brides, as many of them are my clients and, also two of best friends could use this read! Thanks a bundle Sarah, and keep it up!

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