Wedding Crafts: Why Having A Creative Streak Can Help With A Shoestring Wedding

I have always been an avid craft enthusiast, making cards and trinkets since I was 13 years old. This love of crafts and all things handmade has come in handy several times over the last 12 years, particularly for weddings. Whether it has been my own wedding or that of friends, I have always managed to use my creative side in order to save some cash whilst not compromising on quality! I thought that for this post I would have a bit of a reminisce about the weddings I have been involved in and you never know, it may spark off some ideas for your big day!

My Wedding

I married my teenage sweetheart Simon nearly 5 years ago. We didn’t have a huge budget and so I wanted to make it stretch as far as possible. I had always been a card maker and so it made sense for me to make my invites myself. Simon and I had some photos taken with us holding up a banner that said ‘invitation’. We printed the photos out on to photo quality paper and these formed the base of the invite. We also printed the inside of the invite ourselves and one of my bridesmaids and I spent an evening sticking everything together.

We got married close to Easter and I had always enjoyed making Easter nest cakes. I decided to bake a bunch of these to use as unique wedding favors. I wrapped them up in tissue paper and secured it with ribbon. A tag was attached to each cake with a guests name on. These doubled up as place cards and were very inexpensive to make.

Connie’s Wedding

Connie married Steve almost exactly 1 year after Simon and I got married. Having 15 (!) bridesmaids she decided to opt for dried flowers. She spent time looking around all of the local charity shops for dried flower displays that could be taken apart and reused in bouquets. She managed to find quite a lot and one evening about a week or so before the big day several of us set about making 15 pomanders! Using the flowers, polystyrene balls, ribbon and a glue gun we managed to create these round bouquets at a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers.

Cathy’s Wedding

Cathy is a college friend who grew up in Belgium. Back in 2007, she married Paul, and me and a number of other friends were invited over for the wedding. Arriving a few days before, we helped to prepare and decorate the reception venue. I can’t pretend to take credit for these ideas as they most definitely came from Cathy and her mum but I was involved in implementing them. Instead of heavily floral centerpieces Cathy wanted to go for vases and candles. In the run up to the wedding she bought packs of candles and vases from shops whenever she was out and about. Each table had a colored napkin placed in the center and we arranged these knick-knacks on them. She purchased a small amount of flowers from the local market and we used them sparingly but to great effect.

Her mum and auntie had spent time baking cupcakes as an alternative to a wedding cake. We wrapped baking tins in purple wrapping paper, turned them upside down and covered them with organza. These made lovely cake stands and no one guessed that they were just bog standard baking tins underneath!

Marie’s Wedding

Marie and David got married in a local church and had their reception there too. Balloons were used to primarily decorate the hall but we didn’t want to pay for pricey balloon weights. We bought a bag of metal washers from a local hardware store and wrapped them in lilac ribbon to match her color scheme. The balloons were attached to the washers by curled plastic ribbon and looked great when finished.

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