How To Give Your Wedding A Modern Feel

Image by Vix's Team on FlickrThere is a tendency for weddings to all feel like they are the same event, repeated time and time again all around the world.  Of course, in some respects, such as the vows that are said, that is exactly what they are. However, just because you exchange rings and say a few words that are the same, it doesn’t mean that you have to have everything the same.

We looked at how to give your wedding a modern feel, and avoid being trapped by the excuse of ‘tradition’ that people use when they are too lazy to think for themselves.

Skip the Church

If you or your partner dreamed all your life about getting married in a church, then feel free to skip this step. However, nothing screams ‘the same as everything else’ more than a church wedding. Even as trends have taken weddings to every conceivable location and type of building, the church is still the most popular venue.

However, before you start thinking of a hotel wedding, they are quickly becoming old news, too.

What you really want to do is host your wedding at a countryside estate, centered by a large mansion but surrounded by sprawling countryside that your guests can enjoy at leisure, making the gap between the wedding breakfast and the evening party something to look forward to, rather than dread.

Be Different With Rings

For a number of years, gold has been losing favor as the wedding band metal of choice. Instead, popular modern options include platinum, titanium, and tungsten. Go for one of these, and although your guests won’t know it until they come and have a look later, you will be putting another modern twist on your wedding.

Don’t Have a Cake

If a traditional style wedding is ingrained into your psyche, then you are probably thinking we have lost our marbles about now.

How can you have a wedding without a cake?

Well, you aren’t going to have a wedding without a cake, you just aren’t going to have the sort of cake that you might be thinking about. Instead of a big, three-tier cake that you cut while surrounded by your guests, have cupcakes! This is a great modern trend that more people are beginning to embrace – just make sure that the best one is kept for yourself.

Embrace a Theme

All of the best modern weddings have a theme. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need your guests to come dressed as their favorite characters from 1970’s television shows, but you can have a simple theme such as a color, or a modern theme that is popular at the moment, such as vintage style.

Whatever you go for, and whether you decide you want guests to get involved or not, a theme can give your wedding day that final modern twist that will make it memorable for an even longer period.

Ditch traditional and make your wedding modern all the way, it is a decision you will never regret.

Author Bio:

Adam is an online content writer across a number of industries, with a specific interest in weddings. Adam explores modern wedding trends, such as the use of a tungsten wedding ring instead of traditional metals such as gold, and the popularity of vintage themed weddings, among others.

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