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Image by PeterJBellis on FlickrGetting married is a momentous occasion in any couple’s life, and putting together your dream wedding is a fun and exciting way to prepare for married life. And there are many couples out there who are breaking away from the cookie cutter mold of the traditional wedding and are mixing it up, putting their personal stamp and style on the new age wedding.

Unconventional weddings are fun and much more relaxed than the stiff, formal affairs with huge numbers in attendance. These days, people are really going to town and stretching not only budgets, but imaginations, and some really special events are making wedding history.

When it comes to wedding transport, the new trends are no exception. Where traditional weddings have called for vintage, classic or extremely smart cars, bedecked in white or ivory ribbon and flowers, these days, well, anything goes.


Getting married in the country is a popular choice, for both high-end events and casual barefoot-in–the-river-drinking-beer-out-of-mug affairs. But getting to the wedding is part of the fun and brides are hoisting their hems to climb aboard farm tractors, while bridesmaids and flower girls are being towed behind in a tractor trailer sitting on hay bales, wearing brightly colored gumboots and clutching bunches of wild flowers. The photos look absolutely spectacular and remain a talking point for years to come.

Wheelbarrows are a fun favorite with brides being swept away from the ceremony for pictures, wheeling a barrow full of ice and beer, or even the groom! Alternative couples are arriving on quad bikes, dirt bikes and even in side cars, with the wedding party following behind in a procession of vintage motorcycles with side cars – what a dramatic and romantic spectacle.


The horse and carriage bit has definitely come to an end about now, with couples yearning for something different. And we have seen everything from tandem bicycles, roller skates, donkey rides and even brides arriving by parachute – obviously not everyone cares about their hair being a bit windswept.

One of the most romantic weddings I have ever seen was one on a stunning beach in a small fishing town, white washed houses in the background with the guests looking out to a breeze-ruffled bay. The bride arrived in a small fishing boat with her father, rowed by her brother, and pulled up right onto shore for the wedding ceremony; there wasn’t a dry eye on the beach that day.


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