How To Plan The Perfect Proposal

Are you thinking of popping the question in the near future?  Asking the love of your life for her hand in marriage is a big step.  To ensure that she says “yes”, use these tips to help you plan for the perfect proposal that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Choose The Right Ring

The main focus of a proposal is the engagement ring.  She will wear this ring as a symbol of your commitment and desire to be married.  Make sure that the ring meets her tastes and preferences.  You might want to go ring shopping beforehand to better understand what wedding and engagement rings look like and cost.  When shopping, it’s okay to have a budget.  If she prefers a larger stone that is more expensive, you can always look for man-made diamonds that are usually more affordable engagement rings.  Furthermore, make sure to have her ring finger sized.  Once she accepts your proposal, she will want to put on the ring and display it for friends and family to see.  Therefore, it is extremely important to purchase the right size.  Otherwise she will have to wait to wear it.

Prepare Remarks

Once you have chosen the right ring, you can begin preparing your remarks for this special occasion.  Words are almost as important as the ring that you choose.  You will need to ask for her hand in marriage and express words of affirmation.  If you get nervous expressing yourself, spend some time organizing your thoughts on paper.  This will help you to express yourself clearly and create a wonderful moment that you will both cherish.

Set The Mood

Furthermore, many people make an effort to set the mood for this special proposal.  For example, if they plan on popping the question during dinner, they find an intimate restaurant or location for the proposal.  Also, those who propose in their homes usually decorate with flowers and candles.  A good ambiance makes it easier to propose, and it also creates better pictures and memories.

Capture The Moment

Since the proposal is so special, many people make an effort to capture it.  They use film or video to prolong the moment and create special keepsakes.  This extra effort is usually deeply appreciated by many, including families, friends, and your bride to be.  She will love recreating the moment with others using these visuals.  To ensure that the moment is properly captured, consider asking a friend to film or photograph the occasion.

Plan For Alone Time After

Finally, the best proposals are often followed by intimate time alone as a couple.  This allows you to celebrate the special commitment you are making together.  For example, many couples reserve a special room at a hotel to celebrate.  Others take a romantic walk on the beach.  Regardless of the activity you choose, make sure that it allows you time alone to embrace the future that awaits you.  Then, you can share the exciting news with your family and friends.

Keep these suggestions in mind for your proposal.  They will help you to make the most of this special occasion in your life, and also ensure that she says “yes”!

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