Top 5 Ideas For Unique Bachelor Parties

The bachelor party is one of the longest standing and best loved traditions when it comes to pre-wedding activities.  However, bachelor parties can quickly descend into farce, especially given that some of them can follow a familiar pattern of overdosing on alcohol, heading to bars of questionable demeanor, and juvenile behavior.

We looked at five unique bachelor party ideas that are designed to discourage the characteristics listed above, although if you want to indulge in such antics, that is ultimately your choice.

Image by merfam on FlickrEmbrace Nature

At any other time of the year, you might take a camping holiday or spend some time in the great outdoors, so why not try it for a bachelor party?

Perhaps you could head out into the forest and go camping for the weekend, or sign up with an outdoor adventure company that will allow you to do paintballing, orienteering, climbing, abseiling, and a whole range of other activities.

Other great ideas for spending time outdoors include skiing and cycling, although whether you would want to risk injury or do something that will take a lot of effort remains up to you!

Team Extreme

If outdoor activities sound like fun but are not ‘out there’ enough for you, why not take it to the absolute extreme.

Bungee jumping should be enough to get your adrenaline pumping, but if you still find that is a little flat then skydiving is a definite option! Alternatively, head to the coast and try swimming with sharks or deep sea diving.

Image by Joe Shlabotnik on FlickrGet Competitive

If you are a large group then a sporting activity simply has to be on the agenda. Whether you organize a tennis competition, head off to a golf resort for the weekend, or think of something else to get your competitive juices flowing, it will be a great way to get everyone engaged for the event.

Make it a little more interesting and add some friendly wagers to the competition – adding a little spice always helps brighten up an event.

Take a Drive

Why do groups on a bachelor party never consider reliving their youth and taking a road trip? You might decide to do the things that you did when you were a student, or alternatively could look to explore somewhere new and exciting.

Everyone in your group could choose a location each, and then head out and spend an evening in every place. If you want to get wild, hire a campervan or minibus and get someone else to do the driving for you!

Stay Home

This is not everyone’s idea of a great bachelor party, but there is no doubt you could have a great evening just sitting indoors with your friends. Order pizza, stock up the fridge with cold beer, hook up your favorite game on the Xbox, and away you go.

A bachelor party does not have to cost a lot of money or take place in an exotic location for it to be memorable.

Forget about the typical bachelor parties where you know what will happen, and embrace a different style. You will have just as much, or even more, fun!

Author Bio:

Karl is an online content writer with an interest in modern wedding trends, including bachelor and bachelorette party ideas, wedding theme ideas, and the popularity of a tungsten band as an alternative to traditional gold and silver wedding bands.

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  • Rowland says:

    Thx for your post. I think if I could step back in time I would consider a road trip or a outdoor trip with my friends. Back to the good old times of friendship.

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