Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

Image by dumbledad on FlickrAn often overlooked part of planning the perfect wedding is the small matter of how to keep the guests happy. After all, it might be the brides big day but it’s also a day that quite a few people have sacrificed their weekends to be a part of.

The good news is that keeping wedding guests happy isn’t difficult. All you need to do is keep their needs in mind when making all of the big decisions. Here are ten simple tips for a wedding that your guests enjoy almost as much as you do.

1. Choose a Convenient Date

The first rule of keeping your guests happy is to simply choose a convenient date. Avoid major sporting events, long weekends and of course, your best friends birthday. And don’t forget to provide plenty of notice. Wedding invitations are generally expected to be sent out at least two months in advance.

2. Make it Easy to Get to

If some of your guests will be visiting from out of town, try to provide clear driving instructions. Stressful car journeys tend to lead to stressed out guests. Creating a list of cheap hotels in the area is also very much recommended. Just because you’re willing to splash out on a fancy hotel, that doesn’t mean that your guests will be.

3. Allow Plus Ones

If money is tight, plus ones can seem like an unnecessary expense but the reality is that nobody wants to go to a wedding alone. If you want to invite somebody single, don’t hold their relationship status against them. The old “no ring, no bring” rule is not a popular strategy among wedding guests.

4. Keep Things Short and Sweet

Everyone loves a beautiful wedding ceremony but very few people want to spend hours inside a church. It’s your big day and there’s certainly no need to rush but do you really want a two hour ceremony? Remember, the less time you spend at the church, the more time you’ll have at the party afterwards.

5. Don’t Leave People Standing Around

A common wedding mistake is to leave the guests standing around for an hour while the bride and groom are getting their photo taken. The last thing that you want to do is rush your wedding photos but it’s important to offer your guests some kind of entertainment while they wait. Consider some outdoor music, some free champagne and some games for any children in attendance.

6. Let Them Sit Where They Want

Most brides to be obsess over seating arrangements but did you know that professional wedding planners generally recommend against them? Nobody likes being told where to sit and weddings are no exception. Rather than allocating seats, just allocate tables and let people sit next to whoever they want. The result is less planning for you and more freedom for your guests.

7. Keep the Music Down

Music is a vital part of any wedding party but it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone likes to dance. And it’s pretty difficult to have a conversation when you can’t hear what the other person is saying. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally turning things up but try to be considerate of those who are more interested in talking than dancing.

8. Offer a Choice of Food

One of the most common sources of wedding guest complaints is a poor selection of food. Different people have different preferences and it’s important for you to keep this in mind when planning your menu. Find out if any of your guests have specific preferences or food allergies. And don’t forget to provide at least one child friendly choice.

9. Pay for a Free Bar

If you can afford it, nothing makes wedding guests happier than free booze. Offering your guests a free bar doesn’t necessarily have to be that expensive either. There’s no rule that says you can’t limit the beverages to beer and wine. A word of warning however, some people do seem to mistake the term “free bar” for “drinking competition”.

10. Cut the Cake on Time

Finally, we have the small matter of the cake cutting, it’s generally recommended that you don’t leave it too late in the night. The reason for this is simple, nobody wants to leave before the cake gets cut but not everyone wants to party past midnight. By getting the cake cutting out of the way, older wedding guests will be able to leave early, leaving you free to party the night away.

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The author of this post, Arnold Parker, has a keen interest in wedding planning as well as photography and resorts to guest blogging to share his thoughts on it. He is part of the team at Jamieson Dean Photography and is the best wedding photographer in Toronto.

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