5 Creative Wedding Themes You Never Imagined

A common assumption about brides is that we all dream of having a "fairy tale wedding." But whether that means being whisked away in a Cinderella-ish pumpkin chariot or something more like the car that appeared in a Nightmare Before Christmas is entirely up to the bride and groom. It’s your wedding, after all, so why not indulge your wackiest whims? To unlock your inner zany wedding designer, here are 5 creative wedding ideas for a little inspiration.

One note: Since many of these themes are so unique, they’ll likely need a lot of DIY effort to pull them off – more than you can handle on your own. A good idea would be to add "brainstorming" and "help putting things together" to your list of bridesmaids duties. The more people you can get involved in the decorating process, the better!

1. Library

Image Source: Style Me Pretty

Lace up that white wedding dress and toss some books into a satchel; we’re headed to the chapel library. Bookworms will be right at home in the stacks, and can I just say: high ceilings; marble and rich wood walls; building-sized windows; and Keats’ name on the wall. What could make for a more beautiful setting? Opportunities for cute little touches abound here, from bookmark placecards to books as table decoration to library slip wedding invites.

Just assure any guests with overdue books that they’ll still be let in the door. For now.

2. Maps

If you love to travel but a destination wedding isn’t in the cards, bring that exotic locale to you with maps, both old and new. Mini globes work great as table decoration or in gift bags, as do personalized maps that tell a story about where you’ve traveled as a couple or where you’re headed on your honeymoon. Wall maps are both fun and interactive as tablecloths, but they look even better on the walls of your venue, particularly if you choose a variety of antique maps that reflect something new and interesting about the era in which they were made. And don’t forget cute little signposts pointing in all of the directions you’d like to head!

3. Carnival

Image Source: Etsy

For those with a penchant for everything wacky, a carnival theme is just the route to go. Kids and kids at heart will enjoy the balloon animals, not to mention any performers and games. Giant admissions tickets make for excellent invites, and why not turn that plain old white wedding tent into a tent of wonders? Don’t forget the bags of popcorn and cotton candy on every table!

4. Favorite Movie

From Aladdin to Little Shop of Horrors we all have our favorite movies. Why not use them as a means of celebration? This bride, for instance got hitched Hunger Games style, using symbols from the movie as decoration and baking cupcakes with one of the main character’s arrows shot through the middle. Another Harry Potterish bride assigned guests not just to different tables but to the different houses that appeared in the movies, while one Star Wars fan couple demonstrated their love by dressing up like Hans Solo and Leia and exchanging vows with a troupe of Stormtroopers watching over them. Pick your movie, and go to town!

5. Superhero

Image Source: Etsy

On your wedding day, you’ll likely feel that you can do just about anything. Why not celebrate that fact with a superhero themed wedding? Ditch those bridesmaids dresses for full-out Wonder Woman costumes, or keep it traditional but add a superhero mask. Decorate your cake and glasses with comic book-style exclamations like "WHAM!" and "SHAZAM!", and distribute superhero cereals around the dinner tables, like "Captain America Crunch" and "Cocoa Kryptonite." And if the party ever lags, just jump into the middle of the dance floor and let guests know that you are kindly available to, "SAVE THE DAY!"


From Hogwarts to the fairgrounds, your wedding can be traditional or creative as you so choose. Don’t be afraid to kiss tradition goodbye and have a little fun. After all, it’s your wedding: party like a superhero if you want to!

Author Bio:

Alyssa is a bridal-savvy blogger and avid DIY-er living in the Seattle area. Through her work as a professional wedding photographer, Alyssa has developed a keen eye for both classic wedding styles and modern day trends (though she tends to gravitate towards all things vintage!). You can keep up with Alyssa via Twitter.

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