5 Tips To Help Choose Lingerie For Under Your Wedding Dress

Image by bradleygee on FlickrPlanning a wedding is said to be one of the most stressful times in a woman’s life and as such there are many things that might slip your mind or seem unimportant. Wedding day lingerie should not be one of them. To ensure you feel just as good in your wedding day undergarments as you do in your wedding dress, here are a few useful tips.

1. Plan in advance

It is really important to make sure you are wearing the perfect outfit on your wedding day, from your dress and shoes right down to your undergarments. Therefore, you should make sure

you buy your underwear close to the time you purchase your dress.

So many brides leave choosing their lingerie to the last minute and this means you may have to settle for garments you wouldn’t usually buy, just because you are rushed. Leaving plenty of time also means any adjustments can be made well in advance of your big day.

2. Make sure you’ve tried everything on under your wedding dress

Buying lingerie at the same kind of time you purchase your wedding dress will mean you get the chance to try everything on together well in advance of your big day. Many bridal shops will encourage you to try everything on to make sure the lay of the dress is not ruined by any bulky underwear, or that unwelcome creases do not appear as a result of poor fitting underwear.

Many dresses will affect the kind of lingerie you can actually wear as well, so it really is a good idea to make sure everything fits and looks as good as possible, as early as you can. This will take the pressure off and leave you to focus on other bits of your wedding plan.

3. Choosing the best bra

Many women believe the bra is the most important piece of lingerie, especially on a wedding day. This is because choosing the wrong one can leave you in agony your entire wedding day and you most certainly don’t want that. Your wedding bra has got to not only be extremely pretty and fitting for your specific wedding dress but it also incredibly comfortable.

This means you have to consider the material and style very carefully. For instance, it is probably unwise to wear a corset. However, you do need to make sure you are properly supported, especially if wearing a strapless wedding dress. As with points 1 and 2, it once again means you should plan in advance.

4. Choosing the best knickers

As with all of your wedding attire, you need to choose knickers that are comfortable and fit well beneath your wedding dress. Don’t worry; you will still be able to find sexy knickers that are comfortable at the same time. You just need to make sure they are going to stay in one place and won’t cause you an embarrassing moment, like a wedgie or fall down so that you have to hitch them back into place at any point.

Not only would these situations be uncomfortable but it will also be incredibly difficult to fix seeing as your wedding dress will be heavy and rather cumbersome too. Hence you can see how crucial it is to get your knicker choice right.

5. Body shapers

Even if you are the slimmest women in the world, the likelihood is that you will still make good use of shapewear. This is because wedding dresses look their best when there is no sign of any lumps and bumps, whether caused by your own body or the lines of your bra and knickers.

To give yourself the perfect wedding dress figure, it is definitely worth choosing a high quality shapewear garment. There are many slim-wear options available, so take your time choosing and make sure, whichever one you eventually choose, fits in perfectly with your bra and knickers and doesn’t make anything too uncomfortable.

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Gemma Sly writes for Freya Lingerie. When not writing, she can often be found working out to fit into the latest lingerie styles.

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  • Olin says:

    When dress shopping, please remember that wedding dresses do not follow standard sizing. They are often sized very small. Most brides end up with a dress that is two sizes up from their usual size. Don't be alarmed. Remember, no one will know what size your dress is.

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