The Guide To Great Wedding Gifts

Image by Hey Paul Studios on FlickrWeddings are the perfect opportunity to give thoughtful gifts that will last a lifetime. Every couple will have different needs and tastes, so consider this when purchasing wedding gifts. However, this is a general guide to help you choose the perfect gift to celebrate a new marriage.


Unlike 40 years ago, many couples will now already have a home when they get married. Therefore, they may not need wedding gifts to set them up in their home, so perhaps re-consider the microwave. One area of the house that may need something special however, is the garden. Why not help the happy couple create and backyard oasis with a patio set, hammock or barbeque set.


Although the bathroom probably has all the essentials, a touch of luxury never did any harm. Egyptian cotton towels or bamboo bath mats always make great wedding gifts.


Similarly with the bathroom, often people just buy the basics in the bedroom when first furnishing their home. Therefore, luxury bed linens are always welcome gifts for newly-wedded couples.


The couple may have various random pots of spices at the back of their cupboards that they once used for a curry, so a unique spice rack is a great wedding gift to encourage cooking and accessorize a kitchen.

A gift that keeps on giving

Making a donation in the couple’s name to a charity that they care about is a very thoughtful and kind gesture.


Because so many people already have their own home and cars now, it is very common for couples today to ask for cash donations, either to put towards their honeymoon, house or car.


A brand new digital camera as a wedding gift means that the couple can document their future life together.


I’m sure that a few bottles of good quality wine to start the couple’s collection would not go amiss. Beautifully wrap the wine with a set of quality wine glasses or personalized champagne flutes that they could use for dinner parties and special occasions, to help them remember their special day.

Gift Experience

After all the planning and build-up to a wedding day, it’s over and it’s back to reality. So why not give the couple something to look forward to with an amazing gift experience as a wedded couple. From a bungee jump to a brewery tasting, you’re bound to find something they’ll love to do together.

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Becky recently married her fiance and received a beautiful mirror from Primrose and Plum as a gift. To view Primrose and Plum’s beautiful range of mirrors, visit

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