What to Do on Your Las Vegas Honeymoon

Image by Thomas Hawk on FlickrAfter the stress of wedding planning, there’s nothing like a romantic honeymoon to unwind and bring you and your spouse closer than ever. While some couples opt for a tropical escape, many others head to Las Vegas for a memorable honeymoon.

More than just a gambling destination, Las Vegas is quickly becoming known as one of the top wedding and honeymoon destinations among couples. From luxurious relaxation, awe-inspiring performances to breathtaking views, this city offers fun and romantic activities that cater to every personality and budget.

Ready to spend the first few days of married life in Vegas? Here are a few ways to make the most out of it.

photo credit: Thomas Hawk

Have a romantic meal

Sure, Las Vegas restaurants can be flashy and fun. But they also have a romantic side, too. Vegas is home to some of the world’s greatest chefs. Take advantage of it and have a delicious meal with your loved one. If you aren’t scared of heights, take a bite at the Top of the World restaurant at the Stratosphere - sunsets are breathtaking.

See a show

Dubbed as the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas showcases every kind of entertainment you can ever imagine. From nightly shows, singers, comedians, performing animals, and circuses, honeymooners will never become bored. One of the must-see shows is Cirque du Soleil’s “O” water show.

Book a couples spa

After the hullabaloo of your wedding preparation, now’s the best time to relax and unwind. A hit among honeymooners is getting a couple’s massage. One tip: book a spa that allows couples to spend quality time together before or after the treatment as most spas separate men’s and women’s facilities. This way, you get to enjoy a dip in the hot tub or time alone in the sauna with the one you love.

Take a gondola ride

photo credit: szeke on Flickr

What could be better than being serenaded while cruising the canals of Venice? If you can’t fly off to Italy, don’t worry. A romantic and relaxing gondola ride at The Venetian reveals the same charm, excitement, and passion. Float beneath bridges and balconies as your singing gondolier sweeps you through the vibrant Venetian streetscape.

Spend time at the pool

Las Vegas hotels have swimming pools that range from small puddles to acres of landscaped water. Spend time with your partner by the pool for a refreshing and relaxing time. If you want a tan, Mandalay Bay has comfortable daybeds you can use. You and your partner can also treat yourselves with poolside massages.

Enjoy room service

Well, it’s your honeymoon. You and your spouse may probably be spending long mornings in bed after a busy night. Instead of getting out of your room for breakfast, order some room service. Staying indoors gives you the privilege of being lazy...and allows you to spend more alone time with each other.

Try your luck

From The Strip to Downtown, Las Vegas is surrounded by casinos! Make a modest bet on your favorite game, be it with slot machines or poker games, and enjoy the thrill. Who knows, you might just win a jackpot with newlywed luck by your side!

Las Vegas would never have a shortage of romance and fun. Enjoy your honeymoon!


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