10 Tips For Getting Photo Ready For Your Wedding Day

Image by Iain Watson on FlickrFor brides and grooms all across the world, the wedding photos can be a really nerve wracking experience. We all have an idea in our heads of what we want to look like when we’re the blushing bride or the handsome groom, but this doesn’t always translate to reality. However, there are some easy ways to give yourself the best chance at the photos, so that your wedding snaps look pretty much as you want them to.

1. Don’t detox the day before. No one wants bad skin on their wedding day and even if you’re trying to lose those last few pounds, it’s really not worth breaking out in spots just in time for the photos. Keep the facemasks, detoxing, dieting and facials for at least a week before.

2. Think about the make up. There’s no need to go over the top in the makeup department, particularly if you don’t usually wear any. Keep it light and use it to subtly accentuate your best features rather than give yourself a whole new look.

3. Beware of the sheen. A wedding can be a stressful day, as well as a very exciting event, and this can lead to more than a little ‘glowing’ for everyone involved. Remember that photos will really pick this up, especially where there is a flash involved, so it pays to keep an eye on whether the main wedding players might need to powder their noses.

4. Avoid the orange. If you’re considering fake tan for your wedding day but you’ve never used it before then it’s a better idea to steer clear. Bright orange skin isn’t flattering for anyone – particularly if the result is rather patchy or stained - and a white dress or white dress shirt will accentuate this even more.

5. Choose colors that flatter your skin tone. This is something that should be considered way before the day itself. When you’re choosing the bride’s dress and flowers, the groom’s waistcoats and buttonholes, in fact anything that is likely to be close to your face or skin, try and pick shades you know are good for you. You may be determined to have a white wedding dress but white is terribly draining on some complexions and it might be better to opt instead for cream or gold.

6. Opt for resilient hair. Wedding photos for women are often ruined by hair that has been windswept, rained on, or collapsed in the heat. Choose a style that frames your face flatteringly and one that will stand up to the order of events – if your wedding day starts in the morning and finishes with a party at night then you can be snapped at any point in that time so make sure your hairdo is up to the job.

7. Enhancement is good. This could be anything from wearing shoes that add those crucial extra inches, to opting for fake eyelashes to really make your peepers pop. Don’t go too over the top with enhancement though or you could risk looking like a cartoon version of yourself, but give some thought in advance to how you can make the best of your most attractive features.

8. Wear something that fits. It might sound obvious, but wedding outfits are often hampered by ideas that a bride or groom has about what they think they should wear, rather than what actually works – which can result in too tight corsetry or the wrong cut of suit. A well cut suit that fits properly, or a dress that flatters the shape, is worth finding as it will look good from most angles so you won’t have to spend the entire day trying to avoid the camera catching a puffed out tummy or popping buttons.

9. The devil is in the detail. Wedding photographers tend to accidentally pick up the tiniest of details, from chipped nail polish through to stray nose hairs. It’s worth putting some effort into things like manicures, waxing, clipping, shaving to ensure your favorite photo isn’t ruined by something small and irritating. Note: avoid any hair removal on visible spots the day before your wedding to give your skin time to recover from any irritation.

10. Practice some poses. It may sound contrived but if you know how your body looks good then you’re much more likely to be able to relax into the wedding photographs. Keep your head up to avoid a double chin, try standing sideways to the camera rather than facing head on and turn your torso instead (this will make you look slimmer), and above all ‘smile with the eyes.’

These 10 tips will help you get camera ready for the big day, no matter how nervous you might be. However, the best advice of all for wedding photos is to enjoy yourself, as that’s when we’re all at our most attractive.

Author Bio:

Written by Susana Rowles from Simply Wedding Photography - a wedding photographer in Brighton, England.

One Response to 10 Tips For Getting Photo Ready For Your Wedding Day

  • Amy says:

    11. Don't try any cosmetic/skin care product you haven't tried before because you can be allerigic and/or breakout in spots. Been there, done that (not on my wedding but i was a bridesmaid)

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