Three Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun

There’s nothing worse than being at a boring wedding.  Maybe the other guests are unfriendly and aren’t willing to make new friends, or perhaps there’s nothing to do but stare at your plate and wait for the speeches to be over.  Either way, spending your day at a long and boring wedding ceremony and wedding reception is never any fun.  Every couple wants to have a memorable, fun wedding, but some couples have trouble coming up with fun activities at a formal event.  Many couples prefer to have a formal ceremony, but there are ways you can have a fun wedding reception without having to sacrifice a formal atmosphere. If you really want your guests to have fun, putting a fun twist on some traditional wedding reception activities can be all you need to have a beautiful day. If you’re going to be tying the knot soon, think about doing a few of these fun wedding activities.

Teach a Dance

This idea works well for any wedding reception, but this would be the perfect activity for couples who are planning to have a themed wedding.  You’re going to be having an MC at your reception to play music, so you might as well have your guests learn a fun dance.  There are a lot of dance instructors in your area who would be more than happy to put on a group lesson at your wedding so that they can teach your guests a dance of your choosing.  If you have a theme wedding make sure that it ties with it, or pick an older kind of dance like the Charleston or a waltz so that some older guests can feel more compelled to participate.

Have a Photo Booth At Your Reception

A photo booth for weddings is such a fun and easy activity for your guests to be able to participate in.  This would be an excellent way for you to be able to have more fun and less formal pictures of your guests, and they would complement the more formal photos your wedding photographer will take.  Simply rent a photo booth for your wedding reception, and let your guests know about it as soon as the reception starts.  As everybody unwinds people will naturally flock to the photo booth and they’ll be able to plan some interesting poses for their photo sessions. Offer your guests the chance to take their favorite photos home with their other reception gifts, and be sure to get a copy of every picture for your wedding album.

Have a Quiz

In Ireland, the tradition to have fun games and quizzes at wedding receptions, and this traditional activity could be a lot of fun for your wedding guests.  You can have guests answer traditional trivia questions in the game, or you could make the questions about the couple.  You could also give out gift cards or other small prizes at the end or give every guest some small favor for participating.

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Michelle is an event planning with ideas to make your wedding reception memorable and fun for both you and your guests.

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  • Gail says:

    We are planning a small ceremony during the day with a limited number of guests. Later that evening, we will have a party/reception for everyone to come and celebrate whether they were at the ceremony or not.

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