6 Amazing Things You Should Remember To Do on Your Honeymoon

Image by Martin Cathrae on FlickrYour wedding will be one of the best days of your life. The reception will be a lot of fun and you will enjoy celebrating with your friends and family, but the most exciting part of the experience will be jetting off on your honeymoon. You just need to make sure it's very special and it will be, because I'm going to share a few great tips with you.

Go wild with food and drink

You have probably been dieting for the last 6 months because you wanted to fit into your wedding dress, but now that your big day is over you can relax. You should go crazy and enjoy yourself when you are away and that means not being afraid to overindulge. How much weight can you put on in a few weeks? Not much and it will only take you a few weeks to lose it again when you get home.

Try to order room service

Don't think you need to leave the room every time you want something to eat. You will probably want to spend a lot of time in bed together, so don't forget to order room service as often as possible. I'm sure they will have a few fancy treats they can bring you and it means you won't need to leave the room until lunchtime. When will you get another chance to have your breakfast delivered to your room every day?

Challenge yourself to something new

Think about everything in the world you would like to try for the first time and choose the most exciting thing you can think of. I suppose it will depend on where you go on honeymoon. Maybe it will be a boat ride up crocodile infested waters. You could dive under the sea and witness some of the most beautiful tropical fish in the world. Just make sure it's something that will excite you.

Don't take any photos

It's meant to be a honeymoon and that means you don't want to have photos with one person in them. Take advantage of the fact you're married and ask other people to take your photos for you. You might even be able to hire a local guide who will walk around with you for the day taking hundreds of photos along the way. You can obviously take some photos, but don't take too many.

Enjoy the sun

I'm not talking about enjoying the sun during the day. I mean in the morning when it's rising and in the evening when it's dropping over the horizon. Sunsets and sunrises are very romantic and you want to make sure you catch a few of them. Maybe if you go a little crazy one night you'll still be out when the sun is coming up the next again morning.

Don't eat until it's late

What will happen when the sun disappears and it gets dark? It's pretty hard to eat and that means you will need to light candles. Eating your meals with candles is also a very romantic occasion and I'm sure you will love the mood they create. Hopefully you are staying close to a beach and you might be able to have a romantic meal on the sand.

Don't be afraid to spend money

If you follow the aforementioned tips you will definitely have an amazing honeymoon and you won't want it to end. Just remember that you won't go on another one, so don't be stingy with your money. You should make sure you have the time of your life, even if that means you have to cut back on a few things for a while once you get home. Now go and enjoy yourself.

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Today's guest post, Maria Campbell, works at orpheus.com.au as a travel expert based in Australia. She specializes in honeymoon packages and ensures that her customers have a comfortable and delightful time on their honeymoon.

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