Ten Ways To Make Your Wedding Special

ways to make your wedding specialAdding creative, crafty touches is the perfect way to personalize your wedding. Doing some of the work yourself can also save you money. Here are ten ideas to help you create the perfect wedding.

1. Create unique invitations yourself or work with a professional designer and printer. Crafty brides can embellish invites with scrapbooking elements, ribbons or fabric.

2. Personalize your gown. Customize an off-the-rack dress by adding trim, beading or brooches for a one-of-a-kind look. If you sew, create your own dream gown or piece one together using parts of other dresses.

3. Make special gifts for your wedding party. If you make jewelry, create accessories for your bridesmaids. If you’re interested in art, make a collage or scrapbook for each attendant. Even a gift card or other token can be presented in a hand-made box or bag.

4. Write your own vows. Exchanging vows tailored to your relationship is a romantic way to personalize your ceremony. Don’t scribble them on plain white paper; create a keepsake you’ll treasure for years. Have them professionally typeset, then bind or frame them.

Bridal Bouquette 2 by gregsdumbflickr, on Flickr5. Be creative with flowers. Arrange stems from your garden, or ask loved ones to supply home-grown blooms. Use interesting vases from flea markets or carve vessels out of ice to showcase arrangements. Instead of a traditional bridal bouquet or boutonniere, why not use wire-wrapped twigs covered in crystal beads, colorful lollipops or bamboo shoots instead? Centerpieces need not be floral, either. Try seashells, moss, pebbles or lanterns.

6. Choose an unusual venue or customize a traditional one. Get married in a pumpkin patch near Halloween or on a ski slope in winter. Add unexpected touches to a beach wedding by bringing furniture and chandeliers out onto the sand. Make a hotel ballroom feel more intimate by clustering couches for guests to sit on.

7. Use a signature drink or menu item. Serve a special cocktail in a glass garnished with sugar in your wedding color. For the main course, recreate the meal you ate on your first date with your spouse. Make custom appetizer and drink garnishes by adding a monogram to cocktail picks or drink umbrellas, or serve fortune cookies with wedding-related fortunes inside.

Untitled by Zanastardust, on Flickr8. When it comes to entertainment, asking a musically inclined friend to perform is a meaningful way to include him in your wedding. If you hire a DJ or a band, request songs that remind you of key moments in your relationship and offer guests a program explaining each one’s significance.

9. Customize wedding favors. Add monograms or pictures to gift bags or favors like coffee mugs, coasters and photo frames. Make your own favors by packaging seeds, soaps or candies in hand-decorated pouches. Don’t forget to offer guests customized comfort items such as flip-flops at a beach wedding or fans for hot venues.

10. Make a unique getaway. Whether you distribute sparklers for guests to wave instead of throwing birdseed or hire a horse-drawn sleigh to whisk you away from a winter reception, make your getaway as special as the rest of your event.

Personalizing every aspect of your wedding makes for a unique and memorable celebration. It offers guests an unforgettable experience and ensures that your wedding will be one-of-a-kind, just like you and your marriage.

Author Bio:

Carrol Lightman has worked as a wedding planner for the past 9 years. For more information, and a large selection of personalized products for weddings, visit Inkhead.

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