The Ins and Outs of Wedding Packages on Daily Deals Websites

wedding coupleWeddings are an expensive business, that’s just a fact. No matter what kind of day you want, as soon as you add ‘wedding’ to ‘party’ nine times out of ten suddenly the price goes up. In the current economic climate that can make getting hitched quite a challenge – no one wants to have to budget so much on that special day that it doesn’t feel like a special day at all. One solution to this has appeared in the form of wedding packages offered by daily deals websites like Deal Zippy.

We’re all familiar with the idea of the daily deals website – a discounted service that’s available to buy only for a certain amount of time – but you may not have considered buying a wedding package in this way. So, is it really a good idea?

The great advantage of this kind of wedding is that it’s much better value than going directly to a venue, or doing everything through a wedding planner – the savings are usually upwards of 50% on the normal price of the wedding package, which can make an enormous difference to the overall cost of the wedding (and leaves more to spend on the honeymoon).

It also means it’s much easier to budget when you’re paying a single, one off cost up front, rather than dealing with ongoing invoices in the weeks running up to the wedding, and beyond. Many couples find it’s the budgeting side of the wedding that ends up spiraling out of control so this is a great way to make sure that doesn’t happen.

So, what does the package include? Whilst each one is different, most wedding packages will cover the basics i.e. a drinks reception, wedding breakfast, sparkling wine or champagne for the toasts and an evening wedding buffet/hog roast/BBQ.

If you’re looking at a hotel then there is usually also an overnight stay for the newlyweds included in the price. It’s worth remembering that there’s a lot these packages don’t cover and if you want a more bespoke style wedding you might need to check whether there are any options for altering any of the package (you would most likely have to pay to do this). Music (band or DJ), the cake, the flowers, the ceremony itself and the photographer are just some of the other elements of the wedding package that might not be included so look out for these in the details of the package, and if they’re not there make sure you have considered them elsewhere in your plans.

For those considering a wedding package with a daily deal site, be sure to check that the quoted price covers the number of people you want to invite. Many packages are offered for around 50 guests and for numbers above this the price will go up. If you’re having a much smaller ‘do’ then you might be better off just booking all the elements separately as few packages are offered for less than 50 guests. Try to avoid simply booking something because it’s a great deal, rather than actually what you want. There are so many great packages on offer, from a romantic townhouse, to a Cotswolds manor – and at some really impressive prices – that there’s just no need to compromise on your essentials to get the day that you want at the price that you want it.

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Amy is a freelance feature writer from the UK. She's due to marry in the Summer of 2013.

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