Top Eight Outdoor Wedding Mistakes

Happy Bride and Groom in Riviera Maya by Grand Velas Riviera Maya, on FlickrOutdoor weddings are well known for their natural beauty and understated charm. Unfortunately however, the one thing that they’re not well known for is being particularly easy to plan.

Make no mistake, outdoor ceremonies come complete with quite a wide range of unique challenges. And if you fail to take appropriate countermeasures, said challenges are more than capable of derailing an otherwise perfect day.

When it comes to planning an outdoor wedding, an excellent first step to take is simply learning what not to do. Should you find yourself dreaming of the perfect blue sky ceremony, here are eight common mistakes to avoid when planning it.

No Wedding Canopy

If there’s one mistake that you don’t want to make when planning an outdoor wedding it’s believing that good weather can somehow be guaranteed. Unless you’re living in a part of the world where rain is a freak occurrence, gambling your wedding on its absence is not a smart bet to make. Hiring a wedding canopy or tent is therefore just common sense.

Underestimating the Heat

When deciding when to host your wedding, it’s important to not only consider the possibility of rain but also the likely temperature. Getting married underneath a blue sky is something that many brides dream of but do you really want sweltering heat to go with it? If you live in a particularly warm part of the world, Spring is usually a better choice than Summer. Avoiding the warmest part of the day is also very much recommended.

Too Much Alcohol, Too Little Water

If you don’t want your wedding guests keeling over from dehydration, it’s important that your drinks menu contains plenty of non alcoholic options. Alcoholic beverages might be cooling, but they are the very opposite of hydrating. While water will certainly suffice, why limit yourself to something so boring? Freshly made lemonade is always popular but for style points, there’s nothing better than ice cold virgin mojitos.

No Protection Against Insects

Another important factor to consider when planning an outdoor wedding is the likely presence of insects. Say what you want about indoor ceremonies, the one advantage that they certainly do offer is a distinct absence of flying bugs. The good news is that provided you think of it in advance, keeping your wedding ceremony relatively bug free isn’t difficult. Light citronella candles, install a bug zapper close by and consider granular repellents.

Serving Inappropriate Food

Food Station by Tracy Hunter, on Flickr

If you want to serve food outdoors, it’s important to choose your dishes accordingly. Ask your caterer for suggestions. Some foods are going to be ruled out immediately, i.e. those that spoil too easily in warm conditions. You’ll also want to avoid overly rich dishes, as they tend to be the very opposite of appetizing on a hot Summers day. When dining both al fresco and in the sun, simple, light choices are generally the best.

Excess Decoration

One of the many advantages of opting for an outdoor wedding is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations. In fact, you’re generally better off trying to keep them to a minimum. This is because excess decorations won’t just increase costs, they will take away from the natural look that outdoor weddings are famous for. Once you find the perfect outdoor venue, let it speak for itself.

Not Preparing Your Guests

If you want to host your wedding outside, telling your guests to expect an outdoor ceremony is just common sense. This alone however is insufficient. Your wedding invitations should also include instructions regarding sunscreen, cool clothing and suitable footwear. Unfortunately, fail to provide such instructions and half of your guests are likely to turn up ill prepared.

Forgetting About Noise Levels

Finally, there’s the small matter of noise levels, don’t forget about them. If your wedding venue of choice is a little noisy, or has the potential to be a little windy, countermeasures need to be taken. Invest in small wireless microphones and ask your DJ to hook them up to the sound system. After all, if you’re going to invite a hundred plus people to your wedding, it would obviously be nice if they could actually hear you say “I do”.

Author Bio:

This guest post is written by Clark Douglas. He works as a consultant for MDM Products LLC, a company that manufactures and distributes a range of garage products, wedding tents and protective enclosures. He enjoys going on trekking and camping trips with his family and friends.

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