Entertainment Ideas for Your Fairytale Wedding

Image by BrianNJ on FlickrFull ball gown, check. Glass slippers, check. Prince charming, check. You are all set for your fairytale wedding. The only thing that would complete your happily ever after is a wedding entertainment that will be memorable for you and your guests. This part can be tricky since it involves a few elements like your budget, venue constraints and what is available in your area.

Here are a few ideas that are easy to find and will surely complete your fairytale wedding theme.

Character Appearances

Nothing says fairytale wedding more than having a fairytale character in attendance. You can get a Major Domo to announce you as the new husband and wife or get fairy godmother to sprinkle fairy dust on you as you exit the ceremony.

Whichever part of the wedding your favorite character and whatever performance they provide, they will do so much to highlight your fairy tale theme. Character appearances are also great photo opportunities for you and your guests.

Character Emcees

Emcees are a vital part of your wedding entertainment. They are the ones carrying the whole event’s flow. They interact with your guests and make sure they feel comfortable and entertained. Another great idea to incorporate your favorite fairytale to your wedding entertainment is to get an emcee that can dress up as a character from your favorite story.

Triton from The Little Mermaid, Lumiere from Beauty and the Beast or Genie from Aladdin are just a few of the memorable characters that will do great as Emcees.


Every fairytale has the wonderful element of magic. Magic is central to each of these stories and should be an important element in your wedding entertainment. Hire a magician to complete your whole fairytale theme. It is a great source of entertainment for adults and a good way to keep the children behaved.

Wedding Band

Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White and all the other fairytale princesses have said their I do’s and danced to memorable musical scoring. Make a list of songs from your favorite fairytales and have them played on your wedding reception. Make sure that the wedding band that you will book is able to do cover of these songs well. Having live music played on your wedding adds to the whole grand fairy tale experience.


At the end of every fairytale movie, right when they tell you that your favorite characters will live happily ever after, is a fireworks display. A fireworks display is both grand and romantic. A good way to maximize the magical effects of your fireworks display would be to set it to music. This will surely leave a mark in the memories of your guests.

Growing up falling asleep to bedtime stories had every girl dreaming of fairytale weddings. It’s time to make that dream come to life, just keep your options open and be creative. You may not be getting married in a castle far far away, or even if you are, you can enhance your fairytale wedding by getting the right entertainment to go with it.

Author Bio:

Melissa Page blogs for Music for Scotland Ltd, a premier live music agency who presents regular wedding band showcases in Glasgow. When she's not busy writing, she reads books, travels, and plays bowling.

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