Finding The Right Spots For Your Wedding Photos

Wedding Photography by Jon DayYour wedding photos are going to be an everlasting reminder of your commitment to that special someone. It will be memories for not just your generation, but also, for those generations, yet to come. Apart from the right photographer your locations also have to do justice to the moment. Choosing the right spot can help add many more layers to your photo. It can help turn regular run of the mill photos into works of art from which emotions reflect. So if you are selecting your photo spots after the wedding, then keep a few things in mind.

A photo spot that has significance to the couple

Choosing a photo spot that has some form of significance to the couple to be married adds another dimension to the photos. These spots could be along the lines of the place where you fell in love, your first date, saw each other for the first time etc. The location will then add the unique flavor of your relationship into the picture as it’s taken.

Creating a list of shots to take

Think about all the shots you want to take on as part of your post wedding photo shoot. Then make sure that you are able to grab all the types you want in the location you select. Also if you want to include other people in the picture, you need to know who all need to be organized on the day.

Take into account the journey time

When you select a location you need to keep in mind that you would have to travel there from the wedding and to the reception after. Hence it’s advisable that you select a place which is close either to the wedding, or to the reception. A closer location allows the bridal party to enjoy, and look fresh for their pictures. What most people forget is that a great photo does not require a beach or a garden to be perfect. A staircase, a white wall and even a doorway can be great backdrops for beautiful pictures.

Paying any usage fees

Some public and private properties allow wedding photos in their premises for a fee. So it’s best to check in with the property managing service, or the local council for details. This fee also gives you exclusive entry for taking your photos for a certain period of time. Remember it’s a small price to pay to get beautiful photos.

Keep track of the rain man

Rain can put a downer on your photo shoot, even if it’s considered good luck if it rains on your wedding day. So It’s best to be always prepared, which would mean you would not be caught with no location for the shoot. The subdued and slightly darker lighting can be made use of to enhance your skin tone and looks very classy.

Pre-visiting the location and test shots

Before you shoot at a place if you have not been there before, look out for possible hot spots. Going with your photographer helps as it can help you get some test shots. You can then use the test shots as engagement pictures as well.

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The writer, Georgia Perry, is a highly experienced and one of the most sought after wedding photographer. She is also one of the prominent members of Bristol wedding photographer club. She enjoys blogging in her free time and shares useful photography tips and techniques.

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