Choosing the Perfect Theme and Colors for Your Wedding Day

Image by Ralph and Jenny on FlickrThe first step when planning any wedding should be the wedding theme selection. Your wedding theme will be the starting point from which your wedding plans start to come together. The theme will dictate the style, colors and formality of your wedding. It takes a lot of thought and effort to choose a wedding theme that suits both your personalities as a couple.  Your wedding theme should be relatively easy to execute and fall under the category of good taste.

Most couples work with each other to decide the theme of their wedding; this can be fairly simple if they both share an interest or pastime. The majority of themes are decided on simple things such as color or choosing a particular season of the year, but if you need a more indulgent and unique wedding theme then planning will be a lot more difficult, with costs also being higher.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Theme

Interests as a Couple

Your interests as a couple should be a major factor in choosing your wedding theme, especially since your wedding is a celebration of a lifelong relationship between you and your partner.  There is no better choice for a theme than something that is close to both you and your partner’s hearts.  If you are both enjoy nature then a beach themed wedding is a great choice. Popular alternatives are barn & country dance themes, garden themes and Victorian themes.

The Time of the Year

One of the key influencing factors when choosing your wedding theme is the time of the year that you have chosen to get married. A lot of themes aren't dependent on the weather, but if you have your heart set on a beach themed wedding then you may need to consider getting married abroad in countries such as Greece or Cyprus, if you want to get married abroad during the winter then you should consider a destination in the Caribbean where you will be guaranteed sunshine all year round.

Your Budget

Cost is another consideration when choosing your wedding theme. If you want a theme that involves special costumes for the guests then you might be able to get friends and family involved in helping with the preparations. Decorations, flower arrangements and the catering could be done with the help of friends and family to lower the costs and allow you a bigger budget for other items such as wedding props.

So you’ve chosen the time of year to get married and set your budget, now you can start taking a look at themes.

Popular Wedding Themes

There are a number of popular choices for wedding themes that you can choose from, or you can just create your own. Some of the most popular themes for weddings are:

  • Modern vintage
  • Tropical
  • Beach
  • Rustic country style
  • Rose
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Barn
  • Western
  • Romance
  • Oriental
  • Fine art
  • Seasonal
  • Outdoor tent
  • Retro

Choosing the Perfect Colors for Your Wedding

Image by _rockinfree on FlickrChoosing the right color pallet for your wedding day is important. If you have already chosen a theme you will have found that certain themes favor certain colors. For example, if you choose a beach theme you could use shades of sand and aqua or possibly coral. It is a good idea to consider having a primary color with a few accent colors that will play a more supporting role. Understanding how various colors can blend together will help you put together the ideal color palette for your wedding day.

It helps if you can decide on your primary color; you can then start researching good accent colors that will go with it. There are numerous resources on the web that will allow you to check out different color palettes. You can also go to your local home improvement store and take a look at the paint swatches to get a better idea.

Combining Your Theme and Colors

Now that you have decided upon colors and a theme for your wedding you can utilize them in the various details of your wedding. You should try not to go too far with theme; the wedding theme should be a tasteful backdrop for your wedding, classy and not a tacky atmosphere.

Below are a number of aspects where you can incorporate your theme and colors:

  • Decorations
  • Invitations
  • Centerpieces
  • Programs
  • Menus
  • Flowers
  • Favors
  • Lighting
  • Tablecloths

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