How Involved Should Your Man Be In The Wedding Preparations?

It’s quite simple to forget there’s another person involved in your wedding. With the way a lot of the planning happens, you’d think the groom was a third-party. Brides to be have different views on how involved their partners should be in the wedding preparations. Some want everything to themselves and others get frustrated at the lack of input from their partners.

The answer to this age-old conundrum is, it depends on your man.

Don’t Get Greedy

You should never commandeer the entire wedding for yourself, unless your soon-to-be husband wants you to. The problem is not every man will say something when their fiances are in full wedding mode. They don’t want to cause any conflicts so they’ll keep their mouths shut.

Please remember whilst the ceremony usually focuses on the woman, men do like to have some of their own ideas put into action too. They don’t want to feel as if they’re a guest at their own wedding.

The Indifferent Man

A constant source of frustration for brides is the man who doesn’t seem to want to get involved in the preparations. He will shrug his shoulders and whine about every venue viewing you have to attend. He will show very little respect to your wedding catalogs and a long sigh will become a staple of your relationship for the next few months.

Men aren’t always indifferent to the idea of a wedding. Some do acknowledge it’s a day for women not for men. Others show their emotions in different ways.

Men generally won’t cheer or get really excited over the prospect of visiting a florist and checking out flowers. The genders are different and men are far less likely to reveal their emotions so overtly. Inside, they do want to help and they want to make their own mark on the wedding.

Allow them to get involved. If it’s clear they would rather leave it all to you, let them be. It puts a stain on a wedding if you’re already arguing over his willingness to let you decide on everything.

What Should He Take Care Of?

Let him do what he wants to do. The chances are he’s not particularly interested in deciding on the fonts for the invitations. On the other hand, he will be interested in writing a list of guests from his side of the family. He’ll want to bring his family and friends, even the friends you don’t necessarily approve of.

The wedding day isn’t the main day for a man about to get married. It’s the honeymoon. Take care of the tedious tasks yourself, or better yet get a wedding planner. If he has nothing to do, why not start the preparations for the honeymoon afterwards? Give him some choice in where he wants to go and what he wants to do.

You should really deal with your man gently. Few grooms take pleasure in planning a wedding. Restrict him to the things he wants to do and don’t nag if he doesn’t want to get involved. This is a day for you and he should be able to play the part he wants to play.

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This article is authored by Cathy Alba. She is a successful wedding planner who shares her experiences through her articles. She feels that the best way to plan for your wedding is by visiting different wedding websites and getting a rough idea of things you want.

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