Different Style Necklines For Your Wedding Dress

ChevOn your wedding day all eyes will be drawn to you with your dress being the talk of the town. The neckline of your dress can make or break your perfect wedding day look. Overwhelmed by all the different options? Here is a quick cheat-sheet breakdown of different styles to help you find the neckline that will best suite your style and personality.


Looking to cover up a bit of your upper arms? With the straps sitting just below your shoulders, an off-the-shoulder style will help showcase your collarbone and shoulders. This look is great for full-chested and pear-shaped women, as well as women looking for a style that provides a little cover for your arms.

Portrait Neckline

A portrait neckline is very similar to the off-the-shoulder, but its differentiating characteristic is its wide, soft scoop from the one shoulder tip to the other. This style also features more fabric on the shoulders, which will compliment women with fuller arms and prominent collarbones. If your collarbones are undefined it would be a wise decision to go with a different neck style.

Scoop Neckline

One style that is flattering for every body shape is the classic scoop. The U-shaped neckline offers the bride the opportunity to decide how deep the scoop dips. This style can help accentuate just enough, while still remaining classy. In some styles the scoop will continue on the back of the dress bringing another dimension to the style.

V-Neck Style

Brides looking to de-emphasize the bust line should take interest in the V-neck style. The v-shaped dip in the front will allow you to cover, or show, as much as you like and you can often change the depth of the V to fit your preference. Women with anything smaller or larger than a B or C cup should consider other styles that wouldn’t hide or bring too much attention to their bust.


Sweetheart Neckline

One of the most popular necklines is the sweetheart style. The low cut heart shape allows the bride to accentuate her assets to her personal preference.

If you want a sweetheart neckline and are looking to cover up your chest a bit more, you can use an overlay of sheer material that will rise higher than the heart shaped tip. This little trick will not only allow you to feel more comfortable, but it will also extend your torso and make your neck look longer.

Bateau or Sabrina Style

For those more conservative brides, the Sabrina and the very similar bateau style offer a chance to cover up more than the other necklines. These styles are cut straight across, revealing less of the chest, and follow the curve of the collarbone up to the tips of the shoulders. The Sabrina and bateau work great with a sleeved or sleeveless style.

Even if you have a favorite neckline in mind, be sure to keep your options open. There are so many different styles that we didn’t even mention! There’s the jewel neck, the halter, the Queen Anne and the surplice neckline just to name a few! Regardless of the crazy number of options, make sure you pick the one that will best fit your figure. There are plenty of neckline styles in the sea.

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  • Heidi says:

    Great post! What a nice go-to resource {and time saver} for brides looking for dresses and knowing right away which necklines will best flatter their bodies.

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