Garden Wedding Decoded - How To Plan For The Perfect Garden Wedding

Image by Timothy Marsee on FlickrAre you planning for classy outdoor marriage with a tightly held budget? Or all your favorite churches and venues over-booked? The answer might be just around the corner and you ignored it all along. How about giving your garden a shot? Few decor trips and landscaping might get you the perfect outdoor - garden wedding that you would have always dreamed for yourself.

To start with, you need a wedding arch. You can find it in any craft store made of metal or wood. Start decorating it with wedding flowers. What can be a better bet, than a floral arch? You can combine it up with alluring flowers like daisies, tulips, roses and calla lilies. You can also have theme for the wedding and accordingly choose the arch based on those colors and the climate then.

Evaluate the Yard

Before you even start planning to arrange the wedding in your garden, you need to evaluate is it really a good idea. Take small steps at a time. To start with, explore your yard with keen observation. Take into account every flowerbed, individual shrub, tree, fence, ornament and other features. Imagine the setting and what aspect of the garden you would want to be removed and which part enhanced. Start working on it. Get rid of the weeds, half-dead plants, rotting fences and other such elements that don’t fit in.

Image by Wonderlane on Flickr

Fancy Vessels

Get simple or fancy vessels from the stores. Place flowers matching your wedding theme color scheme. You can have an amazing flower arrangement and experiment with different sort of flowers. What next, tie them with ribbon and keep as table centerpiece or decorative elements at the corners during the reception. This will give every table a personal touch and make the invitees feel more welcome. Not to mention the fragrance of fresh flower bring its own essence. This also brings out the points that just don’t go out for colors but also the aura they present.

Distinct flowers

Fill glass jars with water to half. Arrange some distinct flowers and tie ribbon or fabric around the top. Hang them from tree branches to give it a cozy and classy look. You can add your homegrown bouquets and herbs right from oregano, parsley to basil providing the charm and elegance it demands. You can also just get hold of pot grown hedges and place it over the support pillars.

Light it up

Image by Wonderlane on FlickrLight never loses its charm, especially if the event is organized for evening. A different type of lights and effects makes the garden look more charismatic. The best bet would be combination of traditional and modern light fused with the natural light. You can pop lights in clear jars stringing them with a twine to give warm glow effect.

The jar also protects the light from blowing out if the climate gets windy. You can also arrange a string fairy lights spread across your garden. This would call out for a welcoming ambiance. Lights with plays its trick and your wedding won’t fall short of a fairy-tale wedding.


There are hardly any garden wedding that is complete without lavender. You can buy fresh or dried lavender and use it in any manner you wish. Decorate it with the bouquets, corsages and other arrangements. It also works as excellent return gifts in form of scented candles and decorated gift basket gift with lavender petals also tucked inside it.

Hope these simple tips will help you make your wedding dreams become a reality.

Author Bio:

This article is penned by Rachel Mills. She is a wedding planner, a successful blogger and an environmental enthusiast. She promotes places like hopegrovenurseries who do a lot for the betterment of the environment.

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