Preparing Your Pearly Whites For Your Special Day

Image by comedy_nose on FlickrWhether you’re counting down the days till prom, or your wedding day, you want your smile to say it all. On the days that you’re hoping to smile most, you should feel comfortable in doing so! Here are some simple ways to make you feel sure in your smile on those special occasions.

White Is Where It’s At

If whatever it is you're counting down towards is far enough away, consider a whitening regimen. Always choose a regimen that best fits the amount of time you have before your event. That is to say, dentists recommend whitening treatments that do not promise immediate results as they are usually easier on your teeth and less likely to cause tooth sensitivity. Here are some things to keep in mind when whitening your teeth:

  • Cut back on food and drinks that stain teeth at least for the course of your treatment. During this time your teeth will be more susceptible to staining and you can completely undo all the progress you’ve made in whitening.
  • If your teeth become sensitive cut back on treatment for a couple of days and then begin again slowly. If it continues for an extended period call your dentist and have your teeth checked.

Shiny New Coat

It’s gross, we know, but rubbing a thin layer of petroleum jelly over your teeth the day of your event can prevent things from sticking on them and give you a little added shine. It need not be a lot, and if it proves too uncomfortable for you consider carrying around a water bottle regularly taking sips. This can rinse off anything (lipstick, drinks, food) that sticks to your teeth and keep your mouth looking moist and sparkling.

Coordinate Your Colors

Choosing colors that suit your style is important. But what about colors that suit your smile? Not every shade is going to bring out your smile’s white glow. Before your event try on several color combinations to find what best suits you. If you’re planning on wearing lipstick know that those with a blue base are likely to reflect the white in your teeth.

Smile From Within

No matter what measures you take prior a special event in your life to get your smile looking its best, remember that the best kind of smile is one you feel great in! If at your event, pictures will be taken a couple days in advance, practice smiling in the mirror. Not to critique yourself but to learn about what kind of smiles come from what kind of places. For instance with eyes closed smile how you do when asked to, or when posing. Now peek. A little forced? A little unnatural and unmoving? Now instead with eyes closed allow yourself to ruminate over something that truly gets you going -- you can’t help but smile. How much more natural and beautiful does that smile look on you than the other! Keep this in mind throughout the day.

Author Bio:

Zane Schwarzlose is a blogger for Sugar Land Dental Spa, a dental office in Sugar Land, Texas.  Zane whitened his teeth before his wedding and thinks it was a good decision.

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