How To Make The Best Wedding Flower Arrangements

Flower ArrangementThere are some people who opt to do wedding flower arrangements by themselves and some may do this to save up money during the wedding process and some may just love the idea of making the arrangements themselves. Wedding flower arrangements are more complicated than other types of flower arrangements and they are much harder than creating bouquets. If you are looking to make the flower arrangements yourself, there are a few things that could help.

Type of Flowers

Select the type of wedding flowers you want. The best thing about this is that you have numerous options as you could go with White Lilies, Calla Lilies, Daisies, Orchids, Peonies, Lilacs, Tulips etc. Go with flowers that appeal to everyone because even though it’s your day,  one has to consider the friends and family too. You are trying to make your venue look pretty, so select something that will impress the guests as much as it impresses you. Try and stay away from the popular choices like roses (unless they hold meaning or are your favorite) and you can also decide to mix them all up, maybe get Lilies and throw in an orchid or two.

Remember to select flowers that go with your theme as the color of your flowers should make up the rest of the theme.  Consider every aspect of the wedding and look at what the bridesmaids will be wearing, consider the table cloths and the settings also. You will want floral arrangements that will  not only bring out the best in the venue but the best in you.

Type of Arrangement

You then have to decide on the type of arrangements to get. Are you going horizontal, vertical, oval or triangular? This is something you have to think carefully about and you have to make sure the arrangement will look pretty without getting in the way of you or yours wedding guests. You have to consider where the flowers will be placed as this will help you decide what shape to go with. You also have to decide on the size as some people prefer big floral arrangements while some like something  a little smaller.

Vases and Display

Select the vases that you are going to use for the arrangements. Glass vases are the usual choice but you may decide to go with antiques instead. Find one-of-a-kind vases for the wedding flowers as the size for the vase will determine the size of the arrangements. The color of the vase will also come into play so choose wisely, although if you prefer to stay on budget and keep the unity there are hundreds of places to find gorgeous colored and glass vases.

Creating Your Arrangement

The central flower goes first in the vase and these are the ones that determine the shape of the arrangement. The filler flowers can be thrown in around it and you can use pins or glue to make sure the flowers stick, just be careful not to break them. If you want a vertical arrangement, stand the central flower and place the rest of the flowers upon it. A horizontal arrangement will start with the first flower lying slightly to the side of the vase. This type of arrangement also requires a different type of vase; a shallow vase to be exact. The filler flowers can be a different kind from the central flower and this is something you will have to decide on before the big day. These are some guidelines that will help you come up with that perfect wedding flower arrangement. It is important to do some practice runs before the final arrangements as this will give you a chance to get it right on the day. This is a fun project and you should have fun while doing it.

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Helen, the author is a fun-lover lady who loves to decorate her house with the prettiest flowers. Click here to get the trendiest tips on choosing the best flowers for your wedding.

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