Putting Your Best Wedding Face Forward: Wedding Day Skin Prep

Getting Ready/Pre-CeremonyYou want everything to glow on your special day: your white dress, the sun above, the smile of your future spouse. And your skin. You want your skin to glow and every pore emanate the happiness and love you are feeling! With a dedicated yet simple skin care regimen during the months prior your wedding you can have it! Here are some tips for achieving skin that let’s everyone know whose special day it is.

Test The Product Waters

About 6 months prior your wedding you should be testing out the different products you want to incorporate into your skin routine. When testing first try a small dab of said product on the skin on this inside of your wrist-- it’s similar to the skin on your face and can clue you in to whether or not you are allergic to its ingredients. Then slowly begin incorporating the product into your routine and watch your skin closely for any sort of reaction or irritation. If there’s none continue using the product for two weeks, and then decide for yourself whether or not the product is bringing you the kind of results you’re looking for.

Repair Past Damage

The months leading up to your wedding is a great time for you to really take the state of your skin into consideration. If you’ve been struggling with a skin texture that doesn’t take make-up well, now’s the time to begin a gentle exfoliating routine. If your dark spots have finally driven you crazy, look into pigmentation correcting procedures and talk with your dermatologist about creating a schedule for you. If you’ve been considering a cosmetic procedure like Botox, half a year before your wedding is a good time to test how your skin reacts and handles it. Thinking ahead will help you get that wedding-ready skin you’ve always hoped to have!

Be Safe, Stick To It!

Once you’ve found a combination of treatments and products that seems to be working for you, stick with it! In the couple of months immediately proceeding your wedding you want to be wary of trying any new products or extreme procedures. Chances are the results won’t be apparent to you that quickly and if you were to suffer some sort of allergic reaction or negative side effect, you wouldn’t have time to recover fully. You’ve established what your skin can take, so don’t overdo it.

Wedding Week Wonder Tips

In the week leading up to your wedding follow these simple tips to really give your skin that healthy glow you’ve been working for.

  1. Drink plenty of water - Remaining hydrated can influence the elasticity, color, moisture level and texture of your skin. Eat foods that have a lot of water (e.g. cucumbers).
  2. Relax - Stress induces breakouts. We know it’s easier said than done, but know that this week is meant for enjoyment and take a breather!
  3. Rest - No matter how well you’ve been attending to your skin, if you’re running on little or no sleep you cannot look your best! Nerves, excitement, anxiety-- leave them at the door of your bedroom and get a good night’s rest.

Author Bio:

Dr. Scott Darling of KC Healthy Skin knows that prepping your skin for your wedding is as simple as showing it a little extra care!

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