5 Things To Ask Your Wedding Band

Wedding band One of the most popular trends today when it comes to hosting a wedding party is to have some form of live entertainment. While this might mean a magician or a comedian, for many hiring a band is a great way to go.

There’s just something unique and memorable about having a live band playing at your wedding. Certainly, it blows a DJ playing the usual party songs repeatedly out of the water and takes away the predictability that such events can often bring.

However, before you hire a wedding band, you need to make sure that you’re getting something amazing. Here are five questions you need to ask.

1. Will You Compensate a No-Show?

This might seem an awfully negative point to start with, but how are you going to feel if your wedding band doesn’t turn up or cancels two days before?

You should remember this might not be their fault. If they’re getting a certain sum of money to play to 100 wedding guests, and they’re offered a gig playing to thousands where they’ll significantly increase their earnings, you can understand why they might let you down.

Still, that isn’t going to be any consolation to you in the short-term, so ensure you’ll be compensated, and have a written agreement detailing this, should they be unable to perform.

2. What Sort of Band Are You?

Although in an ideal world you’d see a number of bands performing live yourself before choosing one, the reality of life is that this is probably not going to happen.

Therefore, you’ll be left having to ask for yourself what sort of band you’re hiring. We’re not going to say you should hire this band or that band, but you need to consider the type of people that will be at your wedding and that they will fit correctly. Lively and energetic is good, but how much use will they be if you have dozens of elderly relatives who want to relax?

3. What Do You Play?

You probably want your wedding band to be capable of playing popular songs that people will recognize, but you need to be careful of hiring a glorified karaoke troupe. If you book a band far enough in advance, they’ll usually take requests and learn particular songs for you.

4. Do You Bring Anything Different?

Music fans will never admit it, but many bands are boring and the same as all others. Trying to fit a particular identity doesn’t have to mean being a ‘cookie cutter’ band, however.

Ask if they know how to play saxophone, for example, or use any unique instruments that will help them to stand out.

5. How Much Do You Cost?

A band will usually be more expensive than a DJ, which can put many people off. You also might find that a band thinks they’re The Rolling Stones and wants you to pay a ridiculous amount of money.

Although we’ve put this question last, you might want to ask it first so that you don’t end up being sold the band before being lulled into paying over the top.

Author Bio:

Justine has been married twice, and after being let down by a band for her first wedding she ensured planning the second was like a military operation. She also decided to play safe second time around and simply use the venue's house DJ.

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