How to Help Your Wedding Photographer Get Better Photos

wedding photographyYou may be thinking, "How am I going to help my photographer with taking my photos?"  But a little help can really go a long way. The more involved you get the more personal and special the photos will be. Communication with your wedding photographer is key to getting the best photos possible. Maximize your wedding photographer's potential by following some of the steps we have mentioned below.

Produce a wedding day timeline. The more information the wedding photographer knows about the wedding the better. Providing the photographer with a detailed timeline on how the day will play out allows them to know exactly where to be at the right time, thus enabling them to capture the best moments of the day.

Get the photographer to attend your wedding rehearsal. This allows the photographer to scope the area and see how things are going to play out on the day. Once again, preparation is key to getting the best photos.

Provide church rules. All churches are different and some may have some rules which the photographer needs to abide by during the ceremony. Common rules are distance restriction at the alter and no flash photography. If your church does have restrictions and you wish to have close ups of ring exchange, first kiss etc. Then these can be recreated straight after the ceremony in a different location.

List your must have shots. If there are particular moments that you definitely want captured or are worried that something may be missed then discuss these with your wedding photographer. Give them a list of your must-have shots, the more information the photographer has the better.

Do your research. Look online and in wedding magazines for different types of images that you love. Whether you tear out a magazine page or email them a link, the more images you supply will give the photographer more of an idea what you are after.

Keep your photographer as the main person. I know family and friends always love to also capture the day for you but these people could restrict the wedding photographer you’ve actually paid for. It is great having lots of folks capturing your wedding, right? Absolutely! Just ensure everyone is aware who your main photographer or videographer is and not to get in there way.

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To get the best wedding photos, you need to plan and communicate with your photographer. Kerry James wedding photography Norwich says the more prepped and informed your photographer is the more they have to work with. This little bit of extra help from you will really improve your photos and when you look back at them you will be glad that you did!

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