6 Big Reasons Why Your Guests Might Hate Your Wedding

Image by Katsu Nojiri on FlickrI've looked at some of the reasons why some people hate going to weddings and it will help the soon-to-be couple from making the same mistakes.

Do you want people to have a great time at your wedding? Even though you'll never find out how they truly feel it's still not nice if someone ends up wishing they never went in the first place. Take a look at some of the reasons why guests hate going to weddings and it will help you from making the same mistakes other people have made.

You've chosen a terrible date

It's obvious you can't please everyone, but do try to take a few things into consideration before you choose a date for your wedding. The people that matter most are your closest friends and family, so you will need to make sure they can make it. Remember people might need to go home during holidays, so throwing your wedding close to one might mean people have to choose between you or their family. Booking your wedding on the same date as someone else is also a disaster waiting to happen.

A bad seating arrangement

Do you remember what the fire triangle teaches us about fighting fires? If you remove oxygen, fuel, or heat from the equation the fire will go out. If you don't remove one of them it means the fire will rage on and it will be a disaster. You need to think about this when you're deciding on the seating arrangements. Certain people might need to be taken away from a particular table and put somewhere else in order to prevent trouble once the drinks start flowing.

Terrible food on offer

If you've been to a lot of parties in the past you'll know that the food on offer can be the difference between a bad night and a great night. Some people will care about the food more than anything else and they won't be happy if it's inedible. That means you'll need to make sure there are at least a few things there that will fit everyone's tastes. There should also be enough nibbles to last well into the night in case people are still hungry.

Choose the right music

It's your wedding which means you can choose any kind of music you want, but don't forget to be considerate to other people at the same time. If you enjoy head-banging music it doesn't need to start until later in the night instead of straight after dinner. It's always better to start out with chilled out songs at the beginning of the night and things can get a little bit crazier later on when everyone has a few drinks inside them.

Try not to ignore anyone

If there are hundreds of people at your wedding you won't be able to spend a lot of time with each person, but do try to go around and thank them for coming. A lot of people claim they were completely ignored when they went out of their way to show up at someone's wedding. Everyone who has a little common sense will realize you can't spend 20 minutes chatting away to them unless you're really close.

Extreme weather conditions

Image by Shane Lewis on FlickrUnless you know someone who controls the weather it's going to be impossible to predict how it will affect your big day. Just make sure you don't put any of your guests in an uncomfortable position on purpose. That might mean forcing them to sit through the ceremony on the hottest day of the year without any overhead cover. Making someone stand outside in the freezing cold in their short dress is another no-no.

It's not so bad

Even if something goes wrong I'm sure most of your guests will understand. At least you now know what problems people have faced in the past so you're be more prepared to handle them. It's still nice to do as much as possible to make sure everyone has a great time.

Author Bio:

Lina James, the author of this article, is part of the team with, Abakat Celebrant Ceremonies, leading providers of civil celebrants in Perth. She takes keen interest in cooking and knitting.

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