5 Great Bachelorette Themes

bachelorette party theme ideasThe Bachelorette Party is viewed as the staple gathering before the big walk down the aisle, and Maids of Honor everywhere strive to put together a party that will be special and memorable for the bride AND all the guests.  Many believe that the typical protocol is that your only options are to flee to faraway places like Miami, Las Vegas or Atlantic City for a wild party night, but that doesn’t always have to be the case! No matter if you are representing New York City or reside in sunny Los Angeles, these 5 Bachelorette Party Themes are a great way to help you decide what type of evening you and your ladies truly want to enjoy.

1.       Pampering – What group of girls don’t want to be pampered from head to toe? Take this time to gather your ladies and spend a day, or even a whole weekend, rewarding yourself with massages, facials, and freshly painted nails. This is great for a smaller group who isn’t looking to get wild at the bar but instead want to treat themselves and relax. Add to this custom designed Bride and Bridesmaid robes, and show everyone around how girls at a bachelorette party truly know how to enjoy themselves.  Fun for any age... and even for a pregnant guest!

2.       Musical – If you and your group are more on the musical side, then a musical themed Bachelorette party is a great route to go, and the amount of ideas out there may be more than you think. Check to see if your favorite band or concert is in town and splurge on some concert tickets for the group. If you’d rather have the bride be the center of attention for the night, then book a private room at a karaoke bar. Arrive early to decorate the room,  and sing the night away while enjoying a few drinks, where everyone can participate in the fun!

3.       Interactive – Bachelorette parties are a great way to channel your creativity and get your whole group of ladies bonding together. Plan on setting up a cooking party where you all will be able to learn a few dishes from professionally trained chefs. Do you have more of a sweet tooth? The same can be done for a cupcake decorating class. Have a professional come in and help, or just orchestrate it yourself, and share with each other some of your secret recipes!

4.       Social – For those of you who are looking for this experience to just be focused on breaking the ice and getting in some “girl time” with your favorite ladies, focus on themes that allow you to just enjoy each other’s company. Plan a trip to a local winery and spend the day trying out new wines. Pack lunch and just spend the whole day catching up with the latest gossip. If you have the opportunity to, make it a whole weekend escape, and plan a string of different things such as dinners and brunches for the whole group.

5.       Exotic – Now this one is for the ladies who wish to uphold the traditions that are tied along with Bachelorette parties.  If you all are looking for something fun, wild, and sexy, then a good old fashioned male strip show may be the answer for you.  Add to the fun by getting a private limousine to be your transportation for the night, and sit back and enjoy as you watch guys dressed up as your favorite hometown hero’s shake it down to nothing. Too exotic for you? You can always take it down a notch and set up a pole dancing party for your group. This will allow you to feel strong and sexy, without the strippers, and can even teach you a few moves.

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