Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses: The Best New Trend In The Wedding Industry?

wedding gownYour big day is fast approaching and you have not chosen the perfect wedding dress yet. A lot of couples are having to pay out of pocket for their wedding, so a lavish gown seems out of the question. An alternative to purchasing an expensive gown that you will wear one day and then keep hanging in your closet indefinitely is to buy a pre-owned dress.

This trend is becoming more and more popular. Not only does buying a pre-owned dress save you a huge chunk of change, but the concept also stands to put some extra dollars in your pocket after your wedding.

Paying it Forward

It doesn’t matter if your perfect wedding dress was purchased off the rack, off the runway or out of someone else’s closet. Why not share your great find with another blushing bride?

This new trend of selling your wedding dress after the big day is no longer taboo and will help you clear a space in your closet for your future. The money that you make can pay for the honeymoon or the nursery, and another thrifty bride will be able to afford and love that dress as you did.

Staying Safe

With that being said, selling your dress online should be done correctly so that you have a smooth and safe transaction. Two ways to be assured that your transaction is safe and secure are:

  1. Always make sure that you receive the full payment before shipping your dress anywhere. You don’t want your dress to be in someone else’s possession and you never receiving payment.
  2. Use a secure payment website such as PayPal or to protect both your transaction from a stranger and your personal financial information from getting out into the public.

There are many scams when you use popular selling websites such as Craigslist because they do not monitor the correspondence or have their visitors use trusted payment sites. They expect everyone to use their own discretion and stay informed about the latest scams. A few indications that the person emailing you is trying to scam you are:

  1. They have a sob story and want to purchase this dress as fast as possible without pictures or details. No bride wants to buy a dress sight unseen in such a hurry in case the fit is not true to size, there are stains or rips in the fabric, or the dress is different than the picture.
  2. They person wanting to buy your dress emailing from an address outside of the United States can sometimes indicate a scam.
  3. Their sentence structure and spelling in their emails sounds as if they used a translator.
  4. A person wanting to pay more than the asking price for your dress is a red light that this transaction is a scam. Never should anyone offer more than what you are asking to buy any item, they are looking for a bargain on a gently worn dress site.
  5. The person that wants to buy your dress wants to wire you the money, send a check or cashier’s check, or use a shipper or a third party’s address for any reason. They generally want to send you the money and then have you take out your share and send the rest to pay the third party. You will be responsible for paying back the bank or institution for this money because the transaction is fraudulent.

Be aware that a scam is possible, but the majority of the time you will be dealing with honest brides that want the perfect dress. Don’t let the fear of a scam hinder you from selling that perfect dress and creating a nice nest egg for your new family’s future.

In the grand scheme of things, it really doesn’t matter where you find your perfect gown. All that matters is you look and feel fabulous.  And if you buy pre-owned, you can just tell people its vintage, darling!

Author Bio:

Jamie Greene works for a fraud and scam detection company.  It’s her job detect online scams and protect consumers from harm through awareness, education, and advocacy.  Unfortunately, internet fraud is widespread and no industry is safe – even the world of weddings.

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