Bridal Hair Accessories for Short Hairstyles

Wedding_HairWhen you think bride, you probably think quite a bit about long hair and all of the different accessories available. Short haired brides, at least in the public eye, seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to accessories. The reality, though, is there are some amazing choices out there for any hair length. Here are a few you may want to consider.

Hair Bands – Short hair looks great with a thin hairband. Whether you decide to go with a stretchy loop that looks amazing with your dress or you’d rather go with the more traditional metal u-shaped band, it will look perfect. Just remember that you want to look like an adult, and the wider and more ornate the hair band is, the more likely it is to make you look a bit childish.

Hair Clips – There are lots of different hair clips that will look fabulous with your dress. You’ll not only find them at your local bridal store, but there are lots online, even handmade ones at sites like Etsy. It probably won’t be difficult to find one that will go with your dress. It may, however, be more difficult to find one that won’t slip out of your hair. Make sure you choose one with some grip effects built in. You’ll need a smaller clip, but make certain you don’t choose one that looks too childish. For the best effect, you probably want to place the clip on the side of your hair.

Fascinators – A fairly old wedding tradition, the fascinator is the perfect accessory for those with shorter hair to consider. While many of those have some serious bulk to them, you’ll want to go with something slightly more understated, as well as something that works well with your dress. Remember that they don’t all attach in the same manner, so make certain you get one that will attach well in your hair and not fall out. They’re the perfect tough without being a full veil. They’re widely available, but you can also custom-order them fairly inexpensively from some designers, which may help you find one that better fits your needs.

Veils – Don’t worry. If you really want a wedding veil but you happen to have short hair, it’s completely possible to still go with this traditional bridal attire. While you can most certainly go with traditional longer veil, there are lots of shorter choices out there these days, too, that look just as cute. Sometimes called birdcage veils, these are wonderful choices that will give you the veil you want with a more creative hair accessory.


It’s not just about long-haired brides these days. With so many people of different ages getting married and styles changing all of the time, short haired brides have more choices than ever before. Go with the traditional veil or choose a better accessory that you really like. Just consult with your bridal fashion expert to select what might look best in your hair on your big day before you make your purchase.

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