Here-Comes-The-Blog-About-UsHere Comes The Blog is dedicated to helping brides find ideas and resources to create their dream wedding.  When I got married, I had piles and piles of magazines and sketches to help me plan my dream wedding.  Fortunately things have gotten much easier in the last 15 years with the unlimited sharing of photos and ideas on the net.  It is my hope that we can provide information that you can truly utilize to make your dreams become a reality. So let us help you with all aspects of your wedding from the budget to the wedding cake to the reception decor.



PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are not looking for any guest post contributors.  Should we have needs again in the future, we will let you know.  Thanks!

We've teamed up with some of the best industry experts to bring you their opinions in their areas of expertise.   Here are just of few of our top contributors:

Kim-Wedding-Favors-UnlimitedKim with Wedding Favors Unlimited has been working with brides since early 2007 when she became the editor of the Wedding Favors Unlimited idea blog.  We liked her ideas so much that we asked her to be our wedding favor, gift and accessories expert at Here Comes The Blog. She will be sharing tips and advice on choosing favors and accessories for specific color schemes and wedding themes.In addition, she will share her favorite bridal party gift ideas as well as elegant decoration ideas for the reception and ceremony.
wedding-bloggerMrs. Wedding Blogger has been an event and party planning expert for nearly 18 years.  In addition, she recently launched MyBridalStory.com where couples can share their real wedding stories and photos with the world.  They will also have free bridal site templates and wedding countdown tickers.  The site is just getting started, but we expect it will be a huge success. At Here Comes The Blog, Wedding Blogger will be sharing inspirational real wedding photos.
Dessert Lover KitchenDessert Lover will be Here Come The Blog's expert on all things sweet. She joined the contributor team roughly a year back and her posts have become some of the most popular ones on our blog. Dessert Lover has been happily baking since she was a teenager and today she is part of the Gourmet Cookie Bouquets design team and the co-editor of their company blog.Dessert Lover will be sharing her tips for choosing cake flavors, icing colors, theme designs and more. Be sure to check out her photo montages for various wedding themes. You are sure to find something that will suit your personality perfectly.
Truly HeidiHeidi is the author of Truly Engaging, the wedding blog of MagnetStreet Weddings and she joined the Here Comes The Blog contributor team in mid February 2010.She will be sharing her ideas and tips related to all things wedding stationery.From the save the dates to the invitations to the thank you notes, Heidi has got you covered. She'll be sharing the latest and greatest stationery products as well as etiquette tips. Be sure to check back every week to see Heidi's tip for the week.
Sarah-Wedding-Favors-UnlimitedSarah is a bonafide expert on weddings and etiquette. Another contributor from Wedding Favors Unlimited, she offers plenty of advice and style tips for engaged ladies. As a freelance writer, she's written articles ranging from a large variety of topics and is fluent in 'wedding'. One of her passions is creating inspiration boards and finding new ways to make color schemes work in unique ways. A true lover of brides and weddings, you'll see lots of modern ideas along with fun ways to make a wedding extra-special.

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  • Heather Jacob says:

    I have been trying to chase the designer and product code/name for a specific wedding dress - it is featured on one of your winter wedding collections and is a silver/grey bodice with a cream skirt & a full fur off the shoulder neckline.

    If you could give me any information about the designer or where I could purchase it from I would be very grateful.

  • admin says:

    Well Heather, I did a bunch of research too and it seems that you aren't the only one that loves that dress. That photo references a post made by Engagement 101 magazine back in March of 2009. You can see the original post here - http://www.yourengagement101.com/daily-101/2009/03/03/how-to-pull-off-a-winter-wedding/. Unfortunately, it appears many brides-to-be wanted to know who designed that dress, but the magazine wasn't able to track down the dress that they featured on their magazine blog. So unfortunately I couldn't track down that particular dress designer either which is a bummer because it truly is gorgeous! You might want to try posting on the engagement 101 blog again to see if they have any further information.

  • Denise says:

    I am getting married in the Dominican Republic this upcoming September. I have looked at David's Bridal as well as Alfred Angelo for fuchsia and orange bridesmaid dresses and have been unable to located the dresses that are as beautiful and as vibrant as the ones pictured in the "Fuchsia and Orange Beach Wedding Inspiration". They do have "fuchsia" and "orange" dresses but when you get to the store, the color fuchsia is not what they advertise- it's more like a light pink. Where can I find these dresses???!! They are just beautiful and to have these incorporated in my wedding would be a blessing.

    I am not sure if you know the information, but would like to see if you were able to find out the answers that I have for you. Also, were did the bride find those sashes for the chairs.

    The color scheme that this particular bride used is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you so much.

    A Curious Bride,

  • Sarah says:

    That particular image and inspiration board was found here: http://www.dessy.com/shareboard/?id=16353 where the photographer actually uploaded the image himself from a wedding he shot. We've tried to contact the bride to find out the designer but as of yet, we still haven't heard! If we hear anything we will be sure to get back to you!

  • Lisa Hedges says:

    Have you found the dresses you were looking for yet? I have recently got married and had fuchsia and tangelo from alfred angelo and the pink was very vibrant. AM ALSO SELLING MINE FOR £50 EACH
    CONTACT ME FOR PICS lisajanecampbell@hotmail.com

  • Anda says:

    Insane proposal idea! Watch the video....Gasp worthy. Post on your blog if you like.


  • Sarah says:

    Thanks Anda!! Oh my gosh, I definitely gasped!! Haha, that is way too cute and creative. Thanks for sharing that with us!

  • Stephanie G says:

    Hi there!

    Mrs. Wedding Blogger, I came across your two posts "Rustic Country Wedding Inspirations" and "Country Western Wedding Cake Ideas!" I have heard of so many weddings having touches of country or full on western themed weddings and LOVE the idea. I loved looking at pictures of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's wedding... You pictures and advice on this was great! Thanks for posting two inspiring, attractive, and fun posts on this topic!

    I was also writing to see how you feel about a guest post to follow up on those pieces. I currently work in affiliation with a company that has great western wear pieces that could be exactly what some of your readers may be looking for if they are looking for a wedding like the ones you exemplified in your posts. I would love to talk with you more about this idea!

    Look forward to hearing back from you!


  • Joyce Paul says:

    Hello there,

    I was just recently engaged and I have been looking for wedding ideas to help us make this day perfect for us and for all those who love us. And I found your site Herecomestheblog. I must say that I have read wonderful posts that I surely will consider. Thanks and good job to that.

    I also have a site and I was thinking of sharing an article about Vegas themed weddings that I have attended before. I'd like to talk to you about this, are you the right person to speak with regarding this matter?

    Looking forward in hearing from you soon!

    Just said Yes, I will marry you,

  • Leandra says:


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  • Kelivn says:

    I'd like to become the SPONSOR, you can contact me.

  • Doug says:

    Just a quick FYI, your author bios are extending into the right sidebar, making them impossible to read!

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