Here Comes The Blog is dedicated to helping brides find ideas and resources to create their dream wedding. When I got married, my fiancé had piles and piles of magazines and sketches to help her plan our dream wedding. Fortunately things have gotten much easier in the last 15 years with the unlimited sharing of photos and ideas on the net. It is my hope that we can provide information that you can truly utilize to make your dreams become a reality. So let us help you with all aspects of your wedding from the budget to the wedding cake to the reception décor.

Custom iPad Case/iPhone Cover Accessory Contest

One of our regular blog contributors, Wedding Favors Unlimited, is giving away a stylish 3-piece tech-accessory set valued at nearly $60 to one lucky winner.  I don't know about you, but I love giving my iPhone a bit of pizazz by using colorful covers.  Best of all, this set is personalized with initials, monogram or name.  Plus these covers come in tons of cool colors AND you get to choose from four different patterns like Ikat, Chevron, Paisley or a more feminine scrolling vine design.  Personally I love them all so if I win, it will be tough to decide. Contest ends on February 10th so hurry up and enter today (just use the rafflecopter widget below)! And did I mention all the cool color options?  And you get to choose


What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Fall weddings are absolutely beautiful occasions. They occur at a wondrous time of the year when the leaves are changing colors, the temperature is cooling off, and the happy couple is starting a life of eternal bliss. However, they can also be a source of confusion over the appropriate guest attire. A guest who is well informed on the fashion of fall can arrive at any fall wedding in the perfect apparel. Image Credit: Photo: IMG_3759 by berriehol, on Flickr The Black Tie Event Black tie fall weddings are extremely straightforward on dress code. They require sharp tuxedos and formal gowns. A deep colored cocktail dress is acceptable, but an exquisite floor length gown is the optimum dress style for a black tie wedding. Gowns look best at


Five Ways to Involve Your Dog in Your Wedding Day

A growing number of couples are choosing to involve their dog in their wedding day. After all, this is a big occasion for the family and that includes the family dog. From the engagement photos to the ceremony and even honeymoon, couples are getting more and more creative with the many ways they incorporate their dogs and other pets into their wedding. #1: Include Fido on the guest list For many couples who wish to include the dog in the big day, this is an obvious choice. It will not work with all breeds or with all wedding locations. Outdoor weddings usually have the most success with inclusion of a dog in the ceremony and/or including the dog among the attendees. For a church of other indoor setting, you will need to check the building


Rings for Every Stage of a Loving Relationship

Throughout history, the ring has long been a symbol of love, affection, and commitment between two lovers. And for every stage of a truly loving relationship, there is a ring for it. But who really knows the true difference among a promise ring, engagement ring, and wedding ring? While in our modern society there tends to be some overlap, history has told the distinct differences among these three types of rings. 1. Promise Rings The idea and intention surrounding the use of promise rings didn't really get big until about 20 years ago. Promise rings, also called pre-engagement rings, act as a symbol of a promise to remain monogamous and to be engaged in the future. This is common for young Christian couples to promise their love to each


De-Stress Before Your Wedding

You've finally made it. Through thick and thin, highs and lows, you have developed a romance even the best dating sites couldn't create. You're getting married to the man of your dreams. This is a major milestone in your life; a celebration of the joy and happiness you bring to each other's lives. Yet this landmark in your relationship isn't all sunshine and butterflies. Planning a wedding is a stressful process that can wear on your emotions. Before your big day hits, you will need to de-stress so you will look as gorgeous as ever walking down the aisle. A) Indulge While it's important that you're able to fit into that gorgeous gown, you also need foods that contain vitamins to help stabilize your mood. Eating foods with vitamins B2 and B12


How to Thank Your Bridesmaids

After all the time and money these girls have spent to make your wedding memorable, it’s your turn to give something back to your lovely bridesmaids! The only question is “what?” There are many routes to go when deciding on what to give your bridal party. Each gift can be personalized and unique, or they can all match one another. Maybe even a little bit of both. Some brides do a little DIY project to show their gratitude, and some go all out. Either way – it’s up to you. Tips and Ideas on Bridesmaids Gifts Budget! Remember that you are still the one holding the wedding. Make sure your bridesmaids’ gifts don’t affect your wedding budget. It’s still your day, so don’t sacrifice one to make another one happy. There


Dressing for Wedding Season

It’s that time of year ladies! Time to gear up for countless summer parties ranging from weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and birthdays. I personally love the opportunity to put on fun summer party dresses and to spend time with people I love outdoors. If you haven’t thought about what to wear, or if you’re not sure what the dress code for the occasion might be, this is the post for you. I’ve gathered a few pieces from David’s Bridal at affordable prices for a few popular summer occasions. David’s also has a maternity wear line so if the baby shower is for you, you’re in luck as well. The most popular: Weddings Weddings can be tricky to dress for. You don’t want to out-shine the bride or the bridesmaid, but you want to


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