Here Comes The Blog is dedicated to helping brides find ideas and resources to create their dream wedding. When I got married, my fiancé had piles and piles of magazines and sketches to help her plan our dream wedding. Fortunately things have gotten much easier in the last 15 years with the unlimited sharing of photos and ideas on the net. It is my hope that we can provide information that you can truly utilize to make your dreams become a reality. So let us help you with all aspects of your wedding from the budget to the wedding cake to the reception décor.

How to Keep Calm Amid Wedding Preparations

We’ve been watching soon-to-be princess Catherine Middleton and her fiancé, our very own Prince William, plan an enormous wedding scheduled for the 29th of this month. It’s being predicted that the event will break the record for the biggest TV wedding audiences, currently held by Will’s parents Charles and Diana. The couple are inviting 1,900 guests and will probably have the whole of London to struggle through when leaving the ceremony. So, if you think your wedding arrangements are stressful, just think what the royal couple has had to go through. However, while they may have had the media spotlight trained on them, and the accompanying insistent paparazzi, it is safe to assume that not that much of the wedding planning has actually


Men's Wedding Rings Trends for 2011

With the growing demand for men’s wedding rings, with an increasing amount of customers looking for high-end unique men’s wedding rings, jewelers and jewelry designers have begun manufacturing and trading in new and innovative men’s wedding rings designs. Long ago, men’s wedding rings were left plain and unadorned, now this year’s men’s wedding rings feature increasingly distinctive, trendy designs. Here are the top 3 men’s wedding rings trends for 2011: Solitaire Diamond Wedding Ring Timeless and classic, solitaire diamond wedding rings are arguably the most popular men’s wedding band design to date. Solitaire diamond wedding bands’ elegant aesthetics and graceful lines make these wedding rings a truly must have item.


Weddings Are In The Air

Spring is finally here, and you know what that means!  And no, I don’t mean nature beginning its new cycle of life, blooming budded flowers, birds chirping musically in the morning... I mean wedding season! This year, it’s understandable why so many brides would have a tough time figuring out what to wear.  There are so many different styles that are “in” – from vintage/lace to fairy tale ball gown to sexy chic – it’s not exactly easy knowing where to start. Plus with the economy, no bride should have to compromise on her beautiful bridal gown. Researching different designers and bridal shows online, I loved almost everything that I saw...except the prices. Monique Lhullier? Not in my lu-li-lifetime... Alexander Mc-what-did-you-say-the-total-is?? Then


RSVP Drama & How to Handle it Gracefully

Guest post by Glowing Bride, Author of Wow! Glowing Bride in 30 DaysAh, those four little letters... R.S.V.P. How can four teeny tiny members of the alphabet cause so much grief? The short answer is that the replies you receive may not match your expectations, and it’s hard not to take it personally or be disappointed. The longer answer is, well much longer! How can you keep a cool head during RSVP drama? Here’s the lowdown! Scenario 1 - The RSVP’s are rolling in and the guest list is looking a little... lob sided. It’s common to end up with an uneven guest list, (bride or groom-heavy), for many reasons. Since opposites attract it’s possible than one of you simply knows more people or has a bigger family. If one of you is getting


The Essential Wedding Playlist

When you’re planning a wedding reception, music is an crucial factor to consider. There’s the romantic first-dance track to pick, the classics, the ones to sing along to, and generally a whole evening to fill with perfectly appropriate music that will get even your grandparents up and dancing. The first question to ask is what to choose: a band or a DJ? Well, both can be equally catastrophic. A band could be great because the live element always makes the music more special and spontaneous. You can even request your favorite songs. But equally, they could know none of your requests and be incredibly poor musicians. Take this painful example from The Wedding Singer where the band turns into a nightmare and effectively ruins the whole wedding:


Getting Married in the Winter?

Winter weddings are an absolute favorite for me. I love the beautiful crisp winter air, and although most winter weddings are indoor (I hope!), the beautiful sunsets and snowy fields make for a perfect picturesque scenery. Playing up the winter wedding theme can be a very challenging task but when done right radiates of absolute romance and warmth. Finding the perfect wedding dress for a winter wedding can be challenging but think of it this way; you have the ability to accessorize way more than a summer wedding! Winter weddings require some form of jacket and this season, the faux-fur trend can be a very beautiful one for your wedding. Wedding Dress Idea #1: Winter wedding dresses should of course be more covered although you can wear a


Wedding Jewelry - Beyond the Ring

A woman’s wedding is truly the most special and remembered day of her life.  You may find yourself concentrating on the guests, the venue, the details- but don’t forget to pamper yourself a big for the big day!  Of course, once you find the wedding dress of your dreams most of the searching is over for your total look.  But don’t forget, the wedding jewelry you wear during your ceremony and your party can be the difference between a plain bride and an absolutely dazzling fairytale bride. Beyond the diamond engagement rings, wedding jewelry is lusted over by brides to be.  Depending on your personal style and the wedding dress you’re wearing, you can find the perfect combination of wedding jewelry to fit your exquisite look. If


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