How to Write Wedding Thank You Notes

Who still hand writes their thank you notes? If you’re raising your hand right now, good for you! They mean a lot. True story- I received a hand-written thank you note just today and it made me smile. The short but sweetly written note of appreciation from my friend meant a lot to me. And, it will mean a lot to your wedding guests too! Recipe for Writing Thank You's 1. Everyone who sent a gift should receive a thank you note. 2. Keep it real. Keep it sincere. 3. Take your time to avoid spelling errors, etc. 4. Both bride and groom should share in writing their thank you's. 5. Send thank you's to your wedding party and parents. Optional: Send thank you's to the vendors who have done an exceptional job realizing


Invitation Wording for an “At-Home Reception”

About eight weeks ago, we received an invitation from a couple to attend their wedding reception only. This couple was planning to have a private wedding in Mexico followed by a formal and much bigger reception at home {for everyone else} a few weeks after the wedding date.  In other words, a destination wedding with an at-home reception. Fun! Well, I’d love to tell you how much fun we had at their reception~ the food, the dancing, the socializing… but this post is about wording a reception invitation. So I’ll get to it! Reception only invitations are pretty much the same as typical wedding invitations – only they don’t include ceremony information. The important components still being: who’s hosting, date, time and location


Embellishing Your Wedding Stationery

A sweet remembrance of your wedding is what you want your guests to walk away with… One wedding trend that has the potential to wow guests and leave lasting impressions, involves embellishing your wedding stationery with creative touches. Beauty can definitely be found in the details! Embellishments such as translucent Vellum Bands, colorful envelope Liners and invite Holders that are personalized in your wedding style and colors, will create chic layers and add elements of surprise to your overall wedding look. Layer your wedding invitations in elegance with a sheer sheet of Vellum or encircle them with Vellum Bands. Guests will appreciate the interaction and the attention to detail! And that’s not all… you can also wrap personalized


Wedding Announcements

Wedding Announcements There are lots of reasons you probably won’t be able to invite all of your friends and family to your wedding! Some of the reasons include: yours is a destination wedding, budget constraints, the venue can only accommodate so many, or… you simply desire a “small and intimate” affair. Even such, you can still include long-lost family and friends with a fun Wedding Announcement, customized in the spirit of your wedding! Without implication of gift, the purpose of a Wedding Announcement is to declare your nuptials and let those family and friends in on the happy news! And, although they are typically mailed the day of your wedding or the day after, Announcements can be sent for months after your big day. What


Wedding Planning Basics

From theme and personalization ideas to attire and décor, the wedding world is full of inspiration loveliness! So many incredible ideas… it almost makes me want to get married all over again! *sigh* Newly engaged? If so, are you swimming in a sea of wedding magazines? Is your Google Reader overflowing with amazing wedding blogs? Are you feeling joyous yet overwhelmed with all the possibilities? Perhaps it’s a good time to get down to basics {I’ll explain soon}. Your wedding invitations are the most important communication tool for your guests- reflecting the tone of your wedding as well as your colors, theme and style.  With all of today’s wedding inspiration goodness, a challenge lies in staying focused and keeping a cohesive


Wedding Stationery Fonts

Love a certain Save the Date or Invite design but the tone isn’t quite right for your wedding style? It’s easy to change the look and feel simply by making font changes! Just like color, fonts interact with the tone of the design making a design more or less formal. So, by all means, play with the tone by playing with the fonts… There are 3 Main Font Types Script fonts- either formal or informal. These fonts look handwritten and are often used in the names of the couples. Scripts fonts have personality and are perfect for calling out your names. Serif fonts- more formal. You can tell a serif font by the tail on the end of the first letter. Sans Serif fonts- less formal {without the tail}. These look more like block letters. Play


Wording for Divorced Hosts

When life rocks, we roll. Craft your invitation with care. Wording can get a little sticky when trying to convey who is hosting~ when the hosts are divorced. Aside from communicating style and formality, the invite has the huge responsibility of communicating: who{the hosts}, what {wedding of b&g}, when, where, and time. Big responsibility! Weddings are all about personalization. Below are four examples of wording for wedding invitations; four possible scenarios for divorced hosts. Choose wording that best reflects the formality of your wedding and pays the proper respect to the hosts. When the Bride’s Mother is divorced and hosting: Mrs. Barbara Johnson requests the honor of your presence at the marriage of her daughter Both


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