How To Avoid Celebrating Your First Wedding Anniversary With Bankruptcy

New York City fashion designer Vera Wang once mused, “I love a black wedding dress.” And many brides agree, as the trend is coming back into style. However without sticking to a budget, brides may find themselves wearing a black dress to mourn the loss of their finances! The website MSN Money reports that getting married comes with a wealth of financial benefits. Some of these include building a better credit score, combining expenses, and sharing employer benefits ( But for some couples getting married seems to have more financial disadvantages. Spending $1500 per Month at the Mall When I got married, it seemed everyone was ready to give me presents. What a coincidence, because I really love getting presents.


5 Great Things To Do With Your Wife On Your Anniversary

There are hundreds of special things you could do on your anniversary, but this year you should maybe do something special. Not because this year is somehow different from any other year, but just because you want to show your wife how much you love her. I bet she has done a lot to help you out this year, so try to make her big day something she will never forget. I know you're not the greatest in the world at coming up with ideas, so today is your lucky day because we're going to look at some great ones you can use. Take your wife horseback riding When your wife was a little girl I bet she wanted a pony. She probably asked her parents a thousand times, but they just couldn't say yes because they didn't have the money. If she didn't


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