Bachelorette Parties

5 Great Bachelorette Themes

The Bachelorette Party is viewed as the staple gathering before the big walk down the aisle, and Maids of Honor everywhere strive to put together a party that will be special and memorable for the bride AND all the guests.  Many believe that the typical protocol is that your only options are to flee to faraway places like Miami, Las Vegas or Atlantic City for a wild party night, but that doesn’t always have to be the case! No matter if you are representing New York City or reside in sunny Los Angeles, these 5 Bachelorette Party Themes are a great way to help you decide what type of evening you and your ladies truly want to enjoy. 1.       Pampering – What group of girls don’t want to be pampered from head to toe? Take this time


Top 5 Ideas For Unique Bachelor Parties

The bachelor party is one of the longest standing and best loved traditions when it comes to pre-wedding activities.  However, bachelor parties can quickly descend into farce, especially given that some of them can follow a familiar pattern of overdosing on alcohol, heading to bars of questionable demeanor, and juvenile behavior. We looked at five unique bachelor party ideas that are designed to discourage the characteristics listed above, although if you want to indulge in such antics, that is ultimately your choice. Embrace Nature At any other time of the year, you might take a camping holiday or spend some time in the great outdoors, so why not try it for a bachelor party? Perhaps you could head out into the forest and go camping


Inexpensive Bachelorette Party Games

As a bridesmaid, you have probably shelled out quite a bit of money for your BFF’s wedding.  From your dress to your updo, the bride’s special day is probably costing you a fortune!  By the time the bachelorette party rolls around, you might be down to your last penny.  Don’t worry.  You can still throw your bestie a bachelorette party she will never forget without spending a ton of money. Wall of Advice Before the party, make a pit stop at a local craft store.  Pick up some inexpensive scrapbook paper and a few festive pens.  As guests arrive, give each one a piece of paper and ask them to jot down marriage advice, wedding night advice, funny anecdotes or stories from their own wedding, or anything else they want the bride


Booking Bride/Bridesmaid Spa Weekend Packages

After the hard work you’ve put into planning every detail of your wedding, it’s time for a little relaxation. Why not offer bridesmaid gifts of a spa weekend? It’s a lovely time to gather as girlfriends for the last time before you become a Mrs. Just about every hotel that has spa services offers spa weekend packages. You’ll need to check your own state’s hotel directories and locate the perfect spa for you. But here are some guidelines to use when planning your perfect spa getaway. Decide if this will be an adults-only weekend or if you want to include the flower girl and/or junior bridesmaids. If you do, make sure you give their parents time to schedule in your weekend. You might just want to have the younger girls join you


Roles of Bridal Party Members

Each member of the bridal party has his or her own specific duties. If you’re the bride, you’ll want to let each person know what you’ll need them to do. If you’re in the bridal party, you’ll want to find out what might be expected of you so there are no embarrassing omissions. Traditions have dictated over the years what each role means, but today’s brides and grooms are customizing everything, so be sure to check where you’re needed. Maid of Honor This lady is the first mate to the captain, the bride. She’s in charge of making sure the bride has everything she needs to get ready on the morning of the wedding including her makeup and hair products, her dress and accessories. She’s also traditionally the one to throw


Cute Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas

Here is a cute and “clean” favor idea for the guests at the bachelorette/stagette party.  Simply buy some large organza gift bags and fill them with things that any girl would love.  In the photo, the white bags have been filled with a tube of pink lip gloss, a heart-shaped compact mirror, and white conversation hearts with love sayings.  The package is finished off with a supersized pink (for the girls) or clear (for the bride) light-up engagement ring and a personalized hang tag that has the name of the  bride-to-be along with the party date.  The bling rings even light up so they are great when the girls are going out to a nightclub to dance the evening away.  Super cute and fun! Just remember that bachelorette party favors don’t


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