10 Tips For Getting Photo Ready For Your Wedding Day

For brides and grooms all across the world, the wedding photos can be a really nerve wracking experience. We all have an idea in our heads of what we want to look like when we’re the blushing bride or the handsome groom, but this doesn’t always translate to reality. However, there are some easy ways to give yourself the best chance at the photos, so that your wedding snaps look pretty much as you want them to. 1. Don’t detox the day before. No one wants bad skin on their wedding day and even if you’re trying to lose those last few pounds, it’s really not worth breaking out in spots just in time for the photos. Keep the facemasks, detoxing, dieting and facials for at least a week before. 2. Think about the make up. There’s no


How Brides Can Look Good For The Flash

You know what everyone is going to say to you as you're planning your wedding: even if things don't turn out perfectly, you're still going to have an amazing day, so don't stress. That may be true, but what's also true is that, for most of us, weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You, as the bride, want to remember the best day of your life, don't you? That's why having professional wedding photos taken is so popular. You don't want to bother any of the guests by making them run around with a camera all evening, but you also want to make sure you capture every last detail. They've got the skills and equipment to make sure everything looks perfect – but making sure the photos aren't the type you want to untag yourself from on Facebook


5 Ways To Look Great On Your Wedding Day

Are you ready to stand in front of hundreds of people and become the center of attention for the day? You might feel confident at the moment, but as the wedding gets closer and closer you might develop a little case of the nerves. The last thing you want is to feel self-conscious when you're at the front of the church saying your vows. You will already be petrified by the fact you're putting a ring on your finger and saying goodbye to the single life forever. If you want to be as confident as possible you need to be looking your best. If you feel like a million bucks you can walk into the church with your head held high and you won't feel self-conscious about anything. Preparation is the key and in order to look your best you need to start


What Are The Options For Bespectacled Brides?

Your wedding is designed to be the best day of your life, often requiring months of preparation, thousands of pounds and plenty of anticipation. All these steps are taken to ensure the day goes ahead as planned, without any disruption. But for many women, prescription eye glasses can seem to be an unnecessary (and unwanted) burden on the big day. But if you aren’t keen on the idea of contact lenses, what are the best options for bespectacled brides? Contacts or glasses? Contact lenses are the clearest way to provide optimum vision clarity, without the unwanted hindrance of spectacles. However, the majority of weddings, including preparation time, last from morning till night, meaning there is a greater risk of contact lenses drying out


National Spa Week!

UPDATED 9-21-2010 If you're on the West Coast and Chicago: Spa week was SEPTEMBER 13-19. However, there was so much interest and calls made to the salons that some of the spas on the West coast have decided to extend Spa Week for their customers! Check out the details and see salons in you neck of the woods here: If you're in the East Coast, Midwest and Toronto: Spa week is OCTOBER 11-17. Yesterday was the first day you could BOOK your $50 appointments for Spa Week. So what is Spa Week? Spa Week was created and founded by Cheryl Reid, who hails from successful careers within the luxury spa industry and publishing spheres. Joining Spa Week again for the Fall 2010 Event, sponsors include Dove Deodorant: Title Sponsor; Allure


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