Top Tips For Selecting The Perfect Engagement Ring

Getting engaged or married is always a special, memorable event. It is not only about the memories, but also about the ring. Don’t get me wrong, it is not about the ring because it has to be the most expensive and extravagant one around. Most women cherish their rings for eternity; therefore it does not matter how simple or extravagant it may seem. What matters is that it is the one we love and can live with for the rest of our lives (kind of like our men). Jewelers usually offer jewelry fit for any special occasion, which includes engagement rings and wedding rings. With many years of experience, they are able to assist their clients in choosing a ring from a large variety of options. This includes precious metals, unique gemstones and


How To Buy An Engagement Ring During A Recession

These days, everyone’s a little short on cash. A lack of cash however does not mean a lack of wedding plans. And if you’re ready to pop the question, the current economic climate doesn’t make a good excuse for turning up without a ring. The good news is that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get your hands on a beautiful engagement ring. With a little bit of research and a whole lot of savvy shopping, it is possible to get engaged on the cheap. Here are nine easy ways to save money on an engagement ring. 1. Forget About Three Months Salary First off, forget the whole three months salary myth. The idea that you should invest 25% of your annual salary on an engagement ring is completely ridiculous. Figure out


How To Give Your Wedding A Modern Feel

There is a tendency for weddings to all feel like they are the same event, repeated time and time again all around the world.  Of course, in some respects, such as the vows that are said, that is exactly what they are. However, just because you exchange rings and say a few words that are the same, it doesn’t mean that you have to have everything the same. We looked at how to give your wedding a modern feel, and avoid being trapped by the excuse of ‘tradition’ that people use when they are too lazy to think for themselves. Skip the Church If you or your partner dreamed all your life about getting married in a church, then feel free to skip this step. However, nothing screams ‘the same as everything else’ more than a church wedding.


Bespoke Wedding Rings: Are They For You?

Wedding rings have come a long way from the standard classic gold band. Certainly, a gold band provides a simple elegance, but perhaps you are looking for something a little more personal. Bespoke weddings rings are a fantastic way of adding extra character and personality to your marriage celebrations. A valued, considered piece of wedding jewelry can be passed onto your future children. Your ring can be modeled on something that you both love –like a favorite movie, book or hobby – or based on a certain moment or place. Once you’ve decided your theme, the next step is to think about how you can incorporate it into a ring. If you’re unable to decide on a theme, then bounce ideas off friends and family. Advance Planning Planning


Know The 4c's Of Diamonds

Fashion enthusiast, did you ever notice that even though styles and clothing change every season, a certain piece of accessory remains “in”? Yes, I am talking about jewelry. They are always there, be it fashion or business-wise. Demand for jewelry remains the same throughout the year. Jewelries can also add sparkle to any look, from any season. With that being said, jewelry is something you should pay attention to – especially if you’re really into the fashion arts. Sadly, most folks do not have any idea how to look for a good piece of jewelry. For example, let’s take a look at the most popular type of jewelry out there – diamond ones. A lot of folks buy from popular suppliers for their pieces, having no clue that you can actually


Biding Your Time for the Bride Bling

Are you almost engaged to your boyfriend but waiting for the official proposal? Are you wondering what’s taking him so long? Does he know what kind of ring to buy? And most importantly, have you decided what kind of ring you want? Well, the good news is that the most important search is over. You’ve found each other. Whew! Now, the fun begins of finding and buying an engagement ring. How can you help your man make the process as smooth as possible? What To Buy To start with, figure out what style setting and diamond shape you like. Unless you are not particular and want to be completely surprised, I recommend dropping some hints to your beau, or better yet, just coming right out and telling him what it is that you like. After all,


Bridal Tiaras - To Wear or Not To Wear

When considering your bridal head dress, definitely put tiaras on your list of things to try on. They are elegant and regal and will make you feel like a princess for the day. They are timeless and classic and never go out of style. A tiara can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. While most brides are not going to spend money for a diamond tiara, a rhinestone one can be just as lovely. Start browsing online. You’ll get a good idea of what’s out there. And there aren’t just one or two choices. You will find that there are designs and styles to fit every taste. A good bridal tiara will sit firmly and high on your head. You’re going to need to work your hairdo around your tiara. So once you find one you like, start thinking about


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