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5 Top Tips for Being a Great Best Man

Being a best man is both exciting and daunting all at the same time.  While most men immediately accept invitations when asked by their friends, when being the prospect of being the best man sinks in, second thoughts can often start filtering into their minds. Sales of books such as “Being a Best Man…For Dummies” and related titles are popular, but they can often be as intimidating as the prospect of actually performing the role. What are the five top tips that all best men need to know and put into action? 1. Offer Help at All Times Although being the best man is a duty performed for the groom, in the build-up to the wedding much of your time should be taken by helping out the bride as much as you do the groom. There should be no


The One Thing Every Bride Needs: Help

If you’re recently engaged or planning your wedding you probably have a list of things you think you’ll need for your big day. Getting wedding invites, flowers, and of course the dress will be on the top of that list but there may be one thing you should add that you probably haven’t. That is assistance. When it comes to your wedding day you’re going to need help whether you like it or not. Most brides want to control every facet of the wedding but it is simply not possible when you’re throwing a party for a large amount of people. Here are the things you’ll need assistance with that you should gladly accept. Organizational Assistance If you’re planning a large scale party that involves catering, decorations and transportation.


8 Fun Tips For A Bridal Shower

You know that absolutely amazing moment when your best friend gets engaged and requests you to be her maid of honor/bridesmaid and you both don’t know whether to laugh or cry, you just wonder how much your life is going to change. Post marriage you might get to meet her less as she will be too “married”. Thus, it is her wedding celebrations where you try to make the most of the time you get with her; it becomes your duty to help her in every way. For one of the most important things to organize, i.e. her bridal shower, here is a list of suggestions that may be help. Theme Picking a theme helps in getting a sense of cohesiveness while planning, it makes it easier to chart out the venue, the cuisine and the gifts. Pick a theme according


The Friendly Bride Guide to Attiring Attendants

Are you a Bridezilla? Do you want nothing less than the very best for your big day? Will you throw a fit if your wedding is even the tiniest bit smaller than Kim Kardashian's lavish nuptials? If so, stop reading immediately. If, however, you're a sensible bride-to-be looking for ways to make your wedding uniquely you AND keep it cost effective for all involved... by all means, read on. Some Basic Don'ts Don't ask your attendants to purchase (at an absurdly high cost) an ugly, unbecoming dress. They will NOT wear it again and it will probably end up unsalable even at a quarter-a-piece yard sale. The dyed-to-match pumps are also a pass. Lastly, putting a group of diverse body types into a single dress style is a guaranteed recipe for sartorial


The Importance Of Flower Girls In Your Wedding

It has taken a great amount of time to plan the most beautiful wedding. The bride will look stunning in her dress. The perfect bridesmaid dresses have been found. The groom and groomsmen will be incredibly handsome in their attire. The question now is what about a flower girl or girls? How can they add to the beauty of the special day? How many flower girls? Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to answer. There can be as many or as few as you choose. There is no wedding rule that is written in stone, when pertaining to flower girls. The number will depend greatly on how many little girls are in your family, and immediate group of friends. It will also depend on your vision of your wedding. Do you want one flower girl, to pair with


A Guide to Including Pets in Your Wedding

For many people pets are members of the family and equally as important as the rest of the household. It is more and more common these days for couples planning their wedding to want their pets involved in the proceedings however awkward that may transpire to be. Animals, although adorable can sometimes not be the most well behaved guests at a formal event and so many people choose to leave them behind. However, if you feel that isn’t an option and want them involved very step of the way here are some handy tips to prepare your pets for the big day. Choose a pet friendly venue The most important thing to remember is that not all venues will accept animals anywhere in the grounds and that goes for churches as well. When looking around


The Men of the Bridal Party: Roles, Rules and Responsibilities

  People say that the wedding day is really about the bride and the focus should be on her. However, no wedding will take place without the groom and his merry band of men. The men of the bridal party are often overlooked but this should not be the case because they too, have their own roles and responsibilities in the wedding planning and the wedding itself. The Groom Now that you have found the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, you have to help out in the wedding preparations. Take a cue from your bride and look for a suit or a tuxedo several months before the wedding day. Wedding planners recommend that you start your search four to five months before the big day. Do not leave it until the last minute because


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