Ten Ways To Make Your Wedding Special

Adding creative, crafty touches is the perfect way to personalize your wedding. Doing some of the work yourself can also save you money. Here are ten ideas to help you create the perfect wedding. 1. Create unique invitations yourself or work with a professional designer and printer. Crafty brides can embellish invites with scrapbooking elements, ribbons or fabric. 2. Personalize your gown. Customize an off-the-rack dress by adding trim, beading or brooches for a one-of-a-kind look. If you sew, create your own dream gown or piece one together using parts of other dresses. 3. Make special gifts for your wedding party. If you make jewelry, create accessories for your bridesmaids. If you’re interested in art, make a collage or scrapbook


Ask A Caterer: Tips on Your Wedding Food

The menu for your wedding is one aspect of your day that holds significant importance, as it is likely your guests will remember and talk about it for a long time if it is good, and even longer if it is bad.  Caterers are very experienced in helping to choose a wedding menu due to weddings being a key occasion where caterers are called in, therefore we can help use our knowledge to guide you through the process. No one wants hungry guests If you want to avoid drunk guests one of the key things to do is make sure they do not go for more than 3 hours without some kind of food, particularly if drinks are on offer.  If you only give your guests a canapé each, you will find them wishing the day would hurry up so that they can eat whilst


How To Stage The Perfect Wedding in a Tent

Wedding experts (married just the once) give their advice on tent weddings. For the slightly unconventional, an outdoor wedding creates a magical environment overflowing with the personality and individuality of the hosts. Tents specifically have become a popular option for outdoor parties and they are a less expensive and more individual alternative to traditional wedding venues. However this setting brings with it its own set of pitfalls and a lack of forethought or organization is more likely to leave the enjoyment of the big day open to chance. As such it is important to research well and plan things carefully to guarantee wedding bliss. Tents will look pretty drab to begin with but fear not, their attractiveness on the big day is


Eight Things Not To Do Now That You're Engaged

So he’s popped the question, you’ve said yes and you’re now the proud owner of both a loving fiancé and a ridiculously shiny engagement ring. Before you rush out and tell everyone you know however, it’s important to take a breath. With all the excitement of getting engaged comes a strange tendency for people to make some rather silly mistakes. And if you’re not careful, you can easily find yourself hampering your wedding day before you’ve even started planning it. Here are eight things not to do now that you’re getting married. Don’t Try to Rush Things Most engaged couples are shocked to discover just how much time goes into planning the perfect wedding. It’s therefore very important to give yourself plenty of


Three Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception More Fun

There’s nothing worse than being at a boring wedding.  Maybe the other guests are unfriendly and aren’t willing to make new friends, or perhaps there’s nothing to do but stare at your plate and wait for the speeches to be over.  Either way, spending your day at a long and boring wedding ceremony and wedding reception is never any fun.  Every couple wants to have a memorable, fun wedding, but some couples have trouble coming up with fun activities at a formal event.  Many couples prefer to have a formal ceremony, but there are ways you can have a fun wedding reception without having to sacrifice a formal atmosphere. If you really want your guests to have fun, putting a fun twist on some traditional wedding reception activities can be


Getting Married At Sea: The Pro's and Con's Of Cruise Ship Weddings

Weddings are a wonderful time and cruises make for a fantastic holiday, so the idea of combining the two can be a dream come true. With the opportunity for a really unique wedding location, lots of ways to customize the occasion and some seriously spectacular backdrops, a cruise ship wedding can be the most incredible day. However, the cruise ship wedding is not for everyone and it’s important to think it through thoroughly before you book anything for such an important occasion. Here are some of the pros and cons of cruise ship weddings to help you make up your mind. Pros Organization – Most cruise liners will be able to offer some kind of wedding planning service so if you’re looking to get some help organizing the big day this


Wedding Cupcake Displays

Cupcakes are an increasingly popular alternative to a main wedding cake as they are easier for guests to help themselves to. It’s also easy to bake chocolate or plain sponge cupcakes for your wedding and decorate them using buttercream or icing. Recipes for cupcakes and their toppings are very simple and can be tailored to suit your personal taste. That’s the benefit of cupcakes as you can have many different variations served together so there is something for everyone. For example if some of your guests don’t like chocolate you could produce some plain sponge cupcakes. You will then be spoilt for choice when deciding how to display your creations. Tiered Cupcake Stands Tiered cupcake stands are a great traditional way to display


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