Rehearsal Dinner

A Bride's Guide to Dressing Beautifully for the Rehearsal Dinner

Your wedding is just around the corner, and just when you thought that you've got everything covered, you soon realize that there is also the rehearsal dinner – the moment where the two families will probably meet for the first time along with closest friends and colleagues. Although your rehearsal dinner is a more intimate affair than your reception, it is not something that you should be taking lightly. Since this would be a moment when some of the family members will lay their eyes on you for the first time, it is equally important to look smashing for this night just as you would on your big day. Use this as an opportunity to impress family and friends. So to make that lasting impression and showcase your personality, here are a few


How To Throw The Best Rehearsal Dinner Party

By the time the night before your wedding arrives, you’re going to be overcome with joy and excitement. Your rehearsal dinner should help spread that bubbling happiness to the wedding party. Here are some ways you can ensure it’s a hit. Schedule the rehearsal for a decent time. Don’t make it too late. Remember, your guests have to get up in the morning for your wedding and so do you. A good time to have the rehearsal is 5:00 pm. You’ll be having drinks and dinner by 6:00 and everyone will still have time to go to their hotel room or home to relax. Keep it short. The idea of the rehearsal is to get everyone on the same page about where they fit in to the ceremony. You only have to do a quick run-through with the officiant.


The Groom's Cake Tradition

If you grew up in the southern United States, you’ve probably heard about and even seen many groom’s cakes. However, the rest of the U.S. tends to be a bit stumped when it comes to the tradition of the groom’s cake. Why have one? And when is it served? Is it required? The groom’s cake enjoys a long history. A groom’s cake was a part of every wedding in ancient times. This cake, usually soaked in liquor and made of something decadent like dark chocolate, was included along with the wedding cake. It was an entirely separate cake that was not meant to be served at the wedding. It was supposed to be cut and at the end of the wedding sent home with guests. Single women were supposed to take their piece and sleep with it under their pillow


The Typical Timeline For Planning Your Own Wedding

Your wedding day is going to be unique. But your wedding timeline should be based on time-tested wisdom that has worked for brides in every age. Follow this schedule and you will have everything lined up at the right time. Build in some extra time if you have it. You’ll be ahead of the game when the last minute crunch hits. 12 to 16 Months Before the Wedding This is the time when you’ve just gotten engaged. You’re excited and you should be. However, don’t rush through the planning. Remember that you have lots of time in front of you. You’ll be able to get the best deals because you are starting early. Ask for discounts for early booking. You’ll be surprised at how many you get! Choose your wedding date Decide how you will


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