The Pros and Cons of a Large Wedding Cake

When planning a wedding, one of the most important things to consider is the wedding cake, as the wedding cake is what makes the reception what it is (a celebration of 2 people coming together as one). This is why people make the most out of it and wedding cakes are a chance to make a big statement, so people pull out all stops, especially with the designs. The type of wedding cake you select for a wedding will depend on a number of factors. The design for instance may depend on the theme or personal style or preference, another thing to remember when selecting a wedding cake is the size of the cake itself. You have to consider what size of portions will be given out as this will tell you how big a cake you will need to get. Some people just


Wedding Cupcake Displays

Cupcakes are an increasingly popular alternative to a main wedding cake as they are easier for guests to help themselves to. It’s also easy to bake chocolate or plain sponge cupcakes for your wedding and decorate them using buttercream or icing. Recipes for cupcakes and their toppings are very simple and can be tailored to suit your personal taste. That’s the benefit of cupcakes as you can have many different variations served together so there is something for everyone. For example if some of your guests don’t like chocolate you could produce some plain sponge cupcakes. You will then be spoilt for choice when deciding how to display your creations. Tiered Cupcake Stands Tiered cupcake stands are a great traditional way to display


How To Give Your Wedding A Modern Feel

There is a tendency for weddings to all feel like they are the same event, repeated time and time again all around the world.  Of course, in some respects, such as the vows that are said, that is exactly what they are. However, just because you exchange rings and say a few words that are the same, it doesn’t mean that you have to have everything the same. We looked at how to give your wedding a modern feel, and avoid being trapped by the excuse of ‘tradition’ that people use when they are too lazy to think for themselves. Skip the Church If you or your partner dreamed all your life about getting married in a church, then feel free to skip this step. However, nothing screams ‘the same as everything else’ more than a church wedding.


Tips For Picking An Unforgettable Wedding Cake

Finding the right wedding cake is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. You want something that you are happy with, that your guests will enjoy and something that draws attention for your big day. While there are so many different options out there that may seem a bit overwhelming to take on, use our tips to help you and you should be able to find just what you're looking for. Know Your Price Range and Size Requirements First of all, you need to take a look at your personal requirements. How many people are going to attend your wedding? Expect a handful more just to make sure you don't run out. This will help you to determine the size you need and you should also take your budget into consideration so you can comfortably afford the


How To Choose Your Fall Wedding Cake

You need a fantastic wedding cake if you want to make your reception perfect. It is because the cake is the focus of the venue. You will take a lot of photos with your guests in front of it.  Now, you are planning your fall wedding. You will need to choose a cake which matches this seasonal theme. There are different options you can consider. Here are some tips and ideas for you. Ideas Of A Fall Wedding Cake You can choose the rustic style for your fall event. Without any surprise, the cake can also be in this style. It is common to see sunflowers in an autumn wedding. You can use these flowers to decorate the cake. There are two options here. You can decorate the cake with fresh sunflowers. You can also use a cake topper in the shape


The Groom's Cake Tradition

If you grew up in the southern United States, you’ve probably heard about and even seen many groom’s cakes. However, the rest of the U.S. tends to be a bit stumped when it comes to the tradition of the groom’s cake. Why have one? And when is it served? Is it required? The groom’s cake enjoys a long history. A groom’s cake was a part of every wedding in ancient times. This cake, usually soaked in liquor and made of something decadent like dark chocolate, was included along with the wedding cake. It was an entirely separate cake that was not meant to be served at the wedding. It was supposed to be cut and at the end of the wedding sent home with guests. Single women were supposed to take their piece and sleep with it under their pillow


The Wedding Cake Cutting Ceremony

When the time comes, will you know how to conduct your wedding cake cutting ceremony? Most people have seen the cutting of a wedding cake at a celebration they’ve been to. But it’s your first time actually being in the ceremony. It’s not complicated, and most bands or DJ's will guide you along. Here’s how you do it. The cake-cutting ceremony happens near the end of the wedding. Your cake will have been set out for all to admire for the whole reception. After dinner, the band or DJ will signal you that it’s time to cut the cake. You and your future spouse should select a song ahead of time that you would like to have played during the cake cutting. It can be your favorite song or a sentimental song, but it should be a slow one. This


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