How To Give Your Wedding A Modern Feel

There is a tendency for weddings to all feel like they are the same event, repeated time and time again all around the world.  Of course, in some respects, such as the vows that are said, that is exactly what they are. However, just because you exchange rings and say a few words that are the same, it doesn’t mean that you have to have everything the same. We looked at how to give your wedding a modern feel, and avoid being trapped by the excuse of ‘tradition’ that people use when they are too lazy to think for themselves. Skip the Church If you or your partner dreamed all your life about getting married in a church, then feel free to skip this step. However, nothing screams ‘the same as everything else’ more than a church wedding.


Choosing a Wedding Venue: Things to Consider

Like most brides, you’ve probably been dreaming of your perfect wedding day even before you had a ring on your finger. Maybe you’ve had a perfect location in mind for your wedding all along or perhaps that vision changed once you met you significant other. From traditional or contemporary to exotic or historical, each couple has a different preference for where they want their most important day to take place. Besides the obvious factors like geographic location and pricing, there are still a lot of other things to think about. Be sure to take these important elements into consideration before you book what you think may be your dream venue. Capacity While this element is probably the most obvious, it certainly isn’t one that should


Wedding Back-Up Plans

Planning a wedding can easily turn into daunting challenge which can sometimes seem impossible! With the average wedding planning time being a lengthy 9 – 12 months, it’s no wonder that not only the bride, but  the whole wedding party expects the day to run smoothly without fault or hiccups. I don’t doubt your meticulous planning, but sometimes things happen which are out of your control. Panic not; have a read through some of my helpful tips to sort out some wedding day disasters before they even happen! Be Sure To Insure Don’t take the risk of not insuring the most important and expensive day of your life! Whether it’s your pricey dress that gets damaged, your cake maker goes out of business or an illness means your big day has


Wooing Your Wedding Guests

If you are planning your wedding or a friend’s wedding, the most important thing to realize is that this is a celebration of two people who will be professing their love for each other in front of families and friends. So, it is necessary that this day be memorable and special. Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to weddings, that does not mean you have to break the bank to create the perfect day. There is something for every budget with each option being just as special as the next. Below are some ideas that range from simple to extravagant. Regardless of what you select or what is affordable, they are all the same in that they help create a moment that will last a lifetime. Top Wedding Ideas Destination Weddings A destination wedding


6 Disasters That Could Strike on Your Big Day and How to Avoid Them

Unless you're a very lucky person there's going to be something that goes wrong at your wedding. Maybe it's so small that you don't even notice it and that would be amazing, but then you have things at the other end of the scale which could put a dent in your day. You're a smart woman and I presume you know life isn't all laughing children and chocolate cakes. Nothing is perfect and why should your big day be any different? Once you accept that something could go wrong it's time to ensure it doesn't, or at least ensure the main things that could go wrong run smoothly. First you need to know the main things that can go wrong. This will mean you can prepare yourself before it happens and you'll know what to do when it does. After you know what


A Guide to Including Pets in Your Wedding

For many people pets are members of the family and equally as important as the rest of the household. It is more and more common these days for couples planning their wedding to want their pets involved in the proceedings however awkward that may transpire to be. Animals, although adorable can sometimes not be the most well behaved guests at a formal event and so many people choose to leave them behind. However, if you feel that isn’t an option and want them involved very step of the way here are some handy tips to prepare your pets for the big day. Choose a pet friendly venue The most important thing to remember is that not all venues will accept animals anywhere in the grounds and that goes for churches as well. When looking around


Wedding Crafts: Quick Paper Bunting Tutorial

Bunting is widely used to decorate at weddings and parties and can really make your venue or setting look special. The use of bunting has undergone a bit of a revival in recent years, largely down to the booming vintage craze. Whether you choose dinosaur themed bunting to string between trees in your garden for your children’s birthday party or floral bunting for your wedding reception venue, paper is an excellent medium to use. Let’s have a look at how to make your very own paper bunting garlands. You will need: Paper (preferably 7 X 5) Ruler Pencil Guillotine Double sided tape Ribbon Method: Lay a piece of your 7 x 5 paper pattern side down on a flat surface. Use your ruler to find the half-way point across


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