You Can’t Attend a Wedding, What Are Your Obligations?

You’ve just been invited to a coworker’s wedding. While the two of you are good friends around the water cooler, after a quick consultation with your calendar, you immediately realize you will be unable to attend the wedding. Do you really have to do anything beyond that? The RSVP The idea behind an RSVP is to let the happy couple-to-be know whether you plan to attend. In most cases, that means responding with a “Yes” or a “No.” Simple ignoring the invitation completely is a terrible breach of etiquette.  If you do not plan to attend, follow the protocol on the invitation. In most cases, a response card will be enclosed so you can let the couple know about your choice. Your RSVP will typically not be challenged. Uncomfortable


To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Modern Day Wedding Privacy

Not a day goes by when you log into your social networks and are faced with mountains of wedding pictures, status updates by excited relatives saying “proud of you hun! xx” or some rather tipsy sounding tweets from wedding guests who have decided to live tweet their former co-worker’s reception like it’s an episode of X Factor. Social media is now a huge part of weddings, with the average wedding guest on sharing 22 photos on Facebook or Instagram, and seven out of ten Twitter users posting while at a wedding (we haven’t looked at the post frequency to amount of champagne quaffed ratio yet). But what about the bride and groom? How do they feel about their big day being put online for friends of friends to gawk at with no input


6 Big Reasons Why Your Guests Might Hate Your Wedding

I've looked at some of the reasons why some people hate going to weddings and it will help the soon-to-be couple from making the same mistakes. Do you want people to have a great time at your wedding? Even though you'll never find out how they truly feel it's still not nice if someone ends up wishing they never went in the first place. Take a look at some of the reasons why guests hate going to weddings and it will help you from making the same mistakes other people have made. You've chosen a terrible date It's obvious you can't please everyone, but do try to take a few things into consideration before you choose a date for your wedding. The people that matter most are your closest friends and family, so you will need to make sure they


Common Pitfalls of Wedding Music Planning

As most married couples and wedding planners would know, music is a vital element that can either make or break your big day. Sure your gown, decor, and catering all play a major role in the wedding, but it’s the music that can inspire guests to enjoy the whole night and make your wedding a day to remember. Some couples think that once they’ve booked their wedding musicians, they’re done with wedding music planning. However, there are still many steps to comply to make your wedding truly memorable. Prevent a music fiasco by learning the potential pitfalls to avoid. Starting the ceremony silently Because of the focus on your grand entrance, you might forget that your guests are already waiting for you to appear. Do them a favor


Eight Things Not To Do Now That You're Engaged

So he’s popped the question, you’ve said yes and you’re now the proud owner of both a loving fiancé and a ridiculously shiny engagement ring. Before you rush out and tell everyone you know however, it’s important to take a breath. With all the excitement of getting engaged comes a strange tendency for people to make some rather silly mistakes. And if you’re not careful, you can easily find yourself hampering your wedding day before you’ve even started planning it. Here are eight things not to do now that you’re getting married. Don’t Try to Rush Things Most engaged couples are shocked to discover just how much time goes into planning the perfect wedding. It’s therefore very important to give yourself plenty of


Eight Things Not To Do When Attending A Wedding

Regardless of how carefully a wedding is planned, there are some things that a bride to be simply cannot control. And one of those things is the guests behavior. Despite the fact that a brides wedding day is supposed to be the best day of her life, some guests have too much to drink, others insist upon making cringe worthy toasts and at least one person says something that they really shouldn’t have. Should you find yourself on the guest list of an upcoming wedding, here are eight things not to do on the big day. Drinking too Much First off, we have the small matter of drinking too much. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little merry at a wedding but there’s a big difference between merry and sloppy. The bride and groom


Top 10 Ways To Keep Your Wedding Guests Happy

An often overlooked part of planning the perfect wedding is the small matter of how to keep the guests happy. After all, it might be the brides big day but it’s also a day that quite a few people have sacrificed their weekends to be a part of. The good news is that keeping wedding guests happy isn’t difficult. All you need to do is keep their needs in mind when making all of the big decisions. Here are ten simple tips for a wedding that your guests enjoy almost as much as you do. 1. Choose a Convenient Date The first rule of keeping your guests happy is to simply choose a convenient date. Avoid major sporting events, long weekends and of course, your best friends birthday. And don’t forget to provide plenty of notice. Wedding invitations


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