Bridal Hair Accessories for Short Hairstyles

When you think bride, you probably think quite a bit about long hair and all of the different accessories available. Short haired brides, at least in the public eye, seem to be at a disadvantage when it comes to accessories. The reality, though, is there are some amazing choices out there for any hair length. Here are a few you may want to consider. Hair Bands – Short hair looks great with a thin hairband. Whether you decide to go with a stretchy loop that looks amazing with your dress or you’d rather go with the more traditional metal u-shaped band, it will look perfect. Just remember that you want to look like an adult, and the wider and more ornate the hair band is, the more likely it is to make you look a bit childish. Hair Clips


Pre-Owned Wedding Dresses: The Best New Trend In The Wedding Industry?

Your big day is fast approaching and you have not chosen the perfect wedding dress yet. A lot of couples are having to pay out of pocket for their wedding, so a lavish gown seems out of the question. An alternative to purchasing an expensive gown that you will wear one day and then keep hanging in your closet indefinitely is to buy a pre-owned dress. This trend is becoming more and more popular. Not only does buying a pre-owned dress save you a huge chunk of change, but the concept also stands to put some extra dollars in your pocket after your wedding. Paying it Forward It doesn’t matter if your perfect wedding dress was purchased off the rack, off the runway or out of someone else’s closet. Why not share your great find with another


Preparing Your Pearly Whites For Your Special Day

Whether you’re counting down the days till prom, or your wedding day, you want your smile to say it all. On the days that you’re hoping to smile most, you should feel comfortable in doing so! Here are some simple ways to make you feel sure in your smile on those special occasions. White Is Where It’s At If whatever it is you're counting down towards is far enough away, consider a whitening regimen. Always choose a regimen that best fits the amount of time you have before your event. That is to say, dentists recommend whitening treatments that do not promise immediate results as they are usually easier on your teeth and less likely to cause tooth sensitivity. Here are some things to keep in mind when whitening your teeth: Cut back


Different Style Necklines For Your Wedding Dress

On your wedding day all eyes will be drawn to you with your dress being the talk of the town. The neckline of your dress can make or break your perfect wedding day look. Overwhelmed by all the different options? Here is a quick cheat-sheet breakdown of different styles to help you find the neckline that will best suite your style and personality. Off-The-Shoulder Looking to cover up a bit of your upper arms? With the straps sitting just below your shoulders, an off-the-shoulder style will help showcase your collarbone and shoulders. This look is great for full-chested and pear-shaped women, as well as women looking for a style that provides a little cover for your arms. Portrait Neckline A portrait neckline is very similar to the off-the-shoulder,


Choosing the Perfect Theme and Colors for Your Wedding Day

The first step when planning any wedding should be the wedding theme selection. Your wedding theme will be the starting point from which your wedding plans start to come together. The theme will dictate the style, colors and formality of your wedding. It takes a lot of thought and effort to choose a wedding theme that suits both your personalities as a couple.  Your wedding theme should be relatively easy to execute and fall under the category of good taste. Most couples work with each other to decide the theme of their wedding; this can be fairly simple if they both share an interest or pastime. The majority of themes are decided on simple things such as color or choosing a particular season of the year, but if you need a more indulgent


Avoiding a Wedding Dress Alteration Nightmare

You did it, you found the perfect dress—a beautiful Vera Wang wedding gown, but now comes the part you have been dreading - alterations. No one gets excited when thinking about their perfect dress being torn and sewn because of the possibility something going wrong and the whole dress being completely ruined.  You hear stories all the time of brides who have had experiences where their alterations came out horribly and their perfect wedding gown was completely in shambles. Take a deep breath. Alterations are part of the process because almost no one is able to find a dress on the rack that fits them perfectly all over without needing at least some alterations. Here are some tips to make sure that you avoid an alteration nightmare. Be Thinking


5 Important Things To Remember Before You Start Hunting For A Wedding Dress

One of the best things about getting married is wearing a gorgeous wedding dress. It's possibly the fanciest thing you will ever wear in your life, so you want it to be perfect. This usually ends in a disaster because most women get far too stressed out. We want to make your experience as painless as possible, so we're going to give you a few tips that will help you to find the perfect dress. Don't forget about these because they will make your life so much easier. Leave most of your friends at home You might think it's a good idea to drag all your bridesmaids with you when it's time to go dress shopping, but you should leave most of them at home. You really don't need half a dozen people giving you their opinion on the most important


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